Your Complete Guide To New Ways To Find Local Domestic Helpers In Singapore

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    :wong29:I've been looking for solutions on hiring a part-time helper to help me out with household chores cause I realised I can actually outsource a lot of troublesome things at home without hiring a maid. So I actually did a lot of research to find out all the different platforms that you can hire helpers or cleaners or any home help.

    I haven't hired from any of them yet but I plan to and can keep you all updated! anyone who's tried these services can contribute your experiences too. hope it'll be useful for all the mummies!

    If you you want to hire a cleaner (these platforms only offer cleaners)

    Helpling: Helpling's website is easy to use and it's for booking cleaners. I got very annoyed though because when I tried to find cleaners for my area, they kept telling me there was no cleaner available for ANY DATE I SELECTED. I think it's just that they don't have people for my area, but they should just tell me right... instead of making me click all the dates. you can choose from different helpers, but you can only choose the different names, no description or anything. some of them got reviews, but most don't. They charge a flat rate of $20/hr and above. Link: Fuss is quite similar to Helpling, except they had cleaners available for my area so it was good. But I didn't get to choose any cleaner in particular, they only let me input the tasks and house size etc. They also charge a flat rate of $20/hr. Link:

    If you want to hire a home helper or you want someone that does more than cleaning

    AfterYou: AfterYou's website is quite easy to use and it's quite different from the other platforms. I talked to the customer service guy and he said that they don't hire the helpers, they host people around Singapore who are doing freelance home help. There are helpers who do cleaning, cooking, ironing, grocery, babysitting and there's even petsitters. So you can actually view people's profiles and descriptions and link up with the ones you're interested in. Prices vary according to the helper, I saw prices from $10 all the way to $20. Can also see the market price which last I saw was $15. Link:

    Agent Bong: Agent Bong is a bit diffferent because it's a phone app so you got to download the app to use it. They apparently provide cleaning, cooking and babysitting also. for agent bong you can post a job on the system and they'll match someone to you. they're about $20/hr and the price is 1-2 dollars lower if you hire a lot of times. Link:

    Any of the mummies here tried these and can add anything useful? : )
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    Hi all! I don't want to spam you but I think we can actually help you mums out. Glorgo provides a cleaning service from $18/hr and we have only Singapore citizens or PRs as helpers. Beside house cleaning service, you can also find experienced air-con profs, handymans, electricians and plumbers on our platform.

    It's super easy to book online at or through our mobile app.

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    Thanks for your time!

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