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  • Hi, i have posted a tread for selling away my breast pump kit.. but Why is it that its not been posted?
    hello...posted some items to be sold under "Others" but it hasnt appeared yet.

    can you assist to check for me?
    dear Moderators, am wondering if i can have my post approved? Tried posting once last week and once again this week and don't see the post up yet. Please help or let me know if the post needs editing! Thanks!
    Good Afternoon moderator, can I have my post approved by you?
    I am eagerly to sell off my brand new stroller.
    Hi CanCanMum, Sorry I am new here and wonder when you will approve my posting and if there is any criteria you are looking at. Is this for the newbies only ?
    Hi moderators,most of us here have been posting threads days ago and is still waiting for approval.there must be a reason why u block us out on pending for approval before it can be seen on the forum itself,however,I don't think it should take so long for an approval to be done.many have complained,but wheres ur advise.
    good evening moderator, I would like to check why is it that threads that was started by us need vetting and approval. I am a member of quite a few forum but never came across posting require approval. And actually vetting all thread is not an easy task as member could start thread anytime of the day. I had post a thread 3 times in 2 days and it is no where to be seen yet.
    hi, i tried posting an item to sell. if i am not wrong twice. but its nowhere to be found on the forum.
    i dont think i have included anything sensitive.
    i have to retype everything all over again. what is wrong?

    hi im new here, i dont know that i have posted two post in the sale , milk powder thread. can you have me approve one of it. thanks.
    hi im new here, i dunno that i have posted two post in the sale , milk powder thread. can u have me approve one of it. thanks. :)
    Hi , I have posted a number of post in the SALE thread for the last few days. But non of them are posted. Please help me to check. Thanks
    I just joined this forum. However, I am unable to post threads or replies. Is there a timeline that I must wait? Cos what the point of registering and yet be unable to post?
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