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  • Hi,

    Just checking if you received my post on the "LUCKY BABY Tour Buggy + Canopy Red/Black @ $80SGD (negotiable)"?
    And when will this be published?

    Thanks for the troubles. :)
    Hi again,

    Can you now approve my this thread with this title: "LUCKY BABY Tour Buggy + Canopy Red/Black @ $80SGD (negotiable)"?
    Sorry for so many troubles as i just included my contact email and also the pictures. :)

    Many thanks.
    Hi,I have a new threads on Coach bags on Sale at want to sell under adults clothes,bags and accessories. How soon will it be approved?
    Hi, how should I set to select number of names of the last few visitors viewing my page appear under the recent visitors box? Is there any indication given to inform us that the private message had been successfully send across? Can we edit the photos attached in the existing posts?
    Also, I posted a thread for selling last night. Normally how long it takes to be approved? Many thanks.
    Hi there. I have problem attaching pictures to sell. I tried to cropped and reduced size, still exceeded. Any advice? What's a better way of doing it? Thanks.
    Hi sorry I have posted to sell brand new KAte spade wallet and BElly bandit/Belly belt.HOw do I check it's approved?I can't seem to find in the forum under WTS.
    Could you pls help me? Since yesterday i have been trying to post a new tread but its not successful..... Its just not appearing after post message...

    Hi, I've posted 2 threads in the want to sell-others category. Understand it'll take sometime for the threads to be approved but how will be informed of whether they are or aren't approved? & will reasons be given?
    Also can I upload pics ltr on when then threads are up coz my pics are too large in size now, do I have to re-post thread & go through moderation again? Many thanks!
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