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    Excess EBM, What to do?

    Yes cheaper. But not by alot.. N heard that the ingredient uses also different by lil bit.. Safer to buy to sing. But still best to bf bb:) although its really tiring...
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    Excess EBM, What to do?

    keke but still not enuff space to put eh... wana store as much as I can so that when i stop bfeeding still got milk to feed bb... milk powder nowadays so ex!
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    Excess EBM, What to do?

    i also facing the same problem.... I put some at my mother's place, my mil friend's place n also my grandma in law's place... still not enuff space... i guess... donate??
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    Looking for caterer for baby's 1st Birthday

    meihao99, 2 thumbs upup=) ^.^
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    Lousy buffet caterer

    Ppl, it's liang food caterer...:)
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    where to find nice & budgeted buffet caterer to celebrate my baby one years old.

    I tried liang catering for my girl's first bdae. Sucks ttm.. Refer to this For my 2nd daughter's full month.. I ordered from meihao99... Food is nice!!! Service is gd:) I ordered the 10.90 menu.. they have gt cheaper menu at 8.90...
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    Birth Control after Delivery~

    Hello maichang.. Thanks for the info. Can I jus check... How much u did the IUD.. U r under private or subsidized? Wats the name of the IUD n how long can this last? TIA.:)
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    Enquires on IUD

    hello all, can someone advice if polyclinic do IUD insertion? how much wun that be? any side effects? TIA
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    Lousy buffet caterer

    Yes gem2505! Wana say big thank you to U n another mummies who recommended meihao99z think will engage them for all events next time to avoid disappointment again.!thanks for much!:D
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    Need recommendations for a female gynae based out of Mount E or Gleneagles

    700 from 16 weeks on. inclusive of consulation, scans, i think 3d scans also...=)
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    Any good double strollers to recommend?

    can the maclaren twin stroller recline? suitable for nb anot? can anyone help with this question??
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    Lousy buffet caterer

    Yup.! It's enough. But I learn my lesson. Will Buy extra , just in case.
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    Lousy buffet caterer

    I order the 10.90 menu. I got 45 guest I ordered 40 .. Still got alot despite my guest go for second rnd. Mayb u order 35 pax enuff..
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    Lousy buffet caterer

    Haas. But it's nice. All the food is nice. Jus that the dessert alil too sweet that's all. The rest is nice! :) I ordered the 10.90 menu. They have cheaper menu too. ! Start from 8.90
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    Lousy buffet caterer

    Quite ok.. Not bad... Still gt flower. But the food is nice. Especially the curry chicken..^.^