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    Hi Tan, Yes it was flooded with spams which I have fixed it :) So sorry for the mess!
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    Hi everyone here!

    Welcome Mei Ling to MummySG :)
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    Tools for Managing Multiple Facilities

    What type of facilities do you need to manage? If you could share the requirement it would be easier to recommend :)
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    Losing weight

    eat about 1200 calories per day for ladies The day itself should consist the following: a. limit your carb intake to 150g of brown rice per day (complex carb is preffered) b. have at least 2 portion of veg such as brocolli 150gx2 c. hit about 2g of protein per body weight (kg) - grilled salmon...
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    Hi everyone

    I am from Singapore
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    What to do? Divorce, Separation or PPO?

    Yes i know it is easier said than done. Do not let all these bring you down. Please do not even think about committing suicide. Life is precious (: With a baby and less than 2K salary a month is going to be a tough situation for you. Are you still smoking? Are you able to quit? Have you...
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    What to do? Divorce, Separation or PPO?

    Your parents are doing the right thing for you. At this point you have to listen to your parents! get a PPO and divorce. If a man can not even provide, care and protect his family, this man deserves no one. At this stage it is you to cause so much pain for yourself, your son and YOUR FAMILY...
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    What to do? Divorce, Separation or PPO?

    You are still young TS, able to make money and has sense of responsibilities ... why would you want this useless husband of yours to drag you down and your son future? I am very sure you do not want your son to grow up seeing his aggressive, drunk and violence father. If i were you, I would...
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    Coping in SG For middle income earners

    That is awesome video scang. Thank you for sharing
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    ** Cupcakes **

    They do delivery at $15 per trip :) and the last time we ordered worth $150 of items and the delivery was free. You have to check out their mouth watering jelly cheese cake and agar agar :)
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    ** Cupcakes **

    We have been ordering from Cake Story and they are beautiful and tasty without too sweet Check out their Facebook and website
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    Regarding new posts

    Hi Quincy, It should appear under New Posts unless it is classified threads. May I know where did you post it?
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    How to Save Money in High Cost Singapore

    fixed deposit is the best way to save money as the interest rate itself is lower than inflation how about start doing some online business?