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    Anyone tried mark siew at batok?

    My daughter just recently joined in due to a friend highly commended. It was a group of 4 kids wit same age tuition together for 2hrs every week twice. he will drive a mini van and fetched all the kids. My dd say his wife help out in tuition sometimes. Anyone know him? Is he gd?
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    I hv a fren who had a highland terrier too!! Does ur cat and dog fight?
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    oh, i love corgi too! they are cute!!
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    Just curious, any mummies, daddies out there got any pet(s)? What type of pet(s)? I have 2 chihuahuas(mine), 2 terapins(my daughter's), 2 hamsters(my kid's) and birds. :001_302:
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    hi everyone!

    Welcome, enjoy urself here!!! :Dancing_wub::Dancing_wub::Dancing_wub:
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    Anyone losing Hair?

    Hair loss during and after pregnancy can be due to hormonal problems. An overactive or underactive thyroid can cause hair to fall out. If this is the case, your physician can treat the hair loss by treating the thyroid disease. Other hormonal changes that cause hair loss during pregnancy will...
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    Starting over after broken hearted

    Ting is right. Since you forgive him, then you shouldn't stress yourself abt the past. If both of you are really willing to start all over again, then do it. At least he never gave up you and kids for the china girl. My ex hb are similar. But he had flings. I always forgive him. But when he...
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    fake nails???

    but artificial nails are really hard to do things like you said + when bathing kids or changing clothes for them are really hard. Scare will scratch them.. I'm a 24 hours homemaker... still prefer doin real nails unless I had a maid.. :D
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    :001_302:Welcome!! Hope to see ur twin's photos soon!!
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    Our Feisty princess

    Poor gal...:001_07: I dinno so young can get cancer...
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    fake nails???

    I prefer to paint on real nail since I got to do house chores, fake nails can be destroy easily...:001_302::001_302:
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    Asience Shampoo & Conditioner

    oic.. think i go for a try on asience! thks!
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    100% custody

    Actuali I opted for legal aid lawyer thats why i cant choose which lawyer I want. I think its because they are paid by the govt thats why they dont care much whether I got my custody or not or what I really want for my divorce. They are just hoping to finish the case soon so that they can take...