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    I was physically blocked from delivering my baby-Looking for a gynae who can help with my legal case

    its very unfortunate to read about how 'professionals' act so terribly, especially at the premiums they charge. I hope justice will be served and your message will be delivered to a wider audience! I have just experience an ordeal myself and am exploring all the available social platforms...
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    Newborn Passport

    there some kind of waiver on the fees if it is registered earlier on. need to check online. perhaps ICA website?
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    New baby 5 weeks old

    congrats! mine is one day old now xD
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    Backup plan anyone?

    emergency fund savings that is liquid?
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    biggest day in your life ?

    the birth of my daughter! looking at her oh man life is gonna be so different for me now
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    Hi I am a new member!

    hello im new too. this post requirement for creating a thread is so pointless
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    Dr Geraldine Tan(Thomson women clinic-katong) recent hospital bill at TMC?

    wow the fees seems affordable. is that counted as private?