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    For me i had no stretch marks at all on tummy,i checked with my mum (she had 5 of us!) no stretch marks either It cld well be genes.Moisturising is not really gonna help as your skin stretches to accommodate the pregnancy.But if it helps u feel gd then just go ahead:) Bows Affair | Facebook...
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    Morning sickness = Boy? No MS = Girl?

    With my boys i had MS for maybe less than 1 month..not tht severe with my daughter it was horrible,4 full months of sickness morning nite n afternoon.As for looking different i think i looked pretty much the same in all pregnancies :p Bows Affair | Facebook
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    Hello from Melbourne!

    hi welcome sg has changed heaps..i go for a short hol..n i am like whoa!!hahahhaa Bows Affair | Facebook
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    how tall your child now? Those who born in year 2009 :)

    My daughter is a july 2009 baby..weight abt 13 over kg height i think 87 cm or more..she is a big girl n cld pass for a 3 yr old. Devt wise she was pretty fast.Cld walk at 10 months.Run ard by 12 months,play n support on a trampoline by 14 months..not to mention now she is a little monkey...
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    Very bad Temper...

    dont worry wendy..u r doing the best u can its just a phase benson is going through hang in there babe Bows Affair | Facebook
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    Cousins from hell

    i think u shld totally cut off such evil pple fr your life.Stop reading her blogs.cut her off ur facebk etc.Have no contact at all.That will give you some peace of mind. I think tht it is the lowest of the lowest scumbags who wld curse a child. Bows Affair | Facebook
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    Clear Watery Discharge in 1st Trim?

    hi sometimes with pregnancy u do get an increased amt of discharge.I was always wearing a panty liner.Do go see ur dr if u r worried but its probably just tht. Bows Affair | Facebook
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    Do ur child cry when go to school??

    My kids never did cry but some of their classmates did.I recall one crying for more than 5 months!But yes they do get used to the environment.Its just a matter of getting used to.Maybe u cld get her excited for school,let her bring snacks to share with frens etc but dont worry the crying will...
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    Safe to color or highlight hair during pregnancy?

    most dyes r non ammonia these days.Just get a bottle n diy at home..catch up on some reading ,tv while u r waiting for it to be done all in the comfort of your home..hehhe i did dye my hair when i was preggers with all my 3 pregnancies..but i did wait till after the 1st trimester as advised by...
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    Anyone know where to get Winnie the pooh

    i think u might wanna go check out ebay. Dont remember seeing them in the stores. Bows Affair | Facebook
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    Rude and Insensitive Question

    My heart goes out to u I know how insensitive pple r in sg there is not much choice but to stay strong for ur little one maybe u cld print out pamphlets for these ignorant pple.Vista print sometimes have great deals which wld allow you to do that at minimal cost. stay strong my dear
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    Anyone had take united airline before?

    hey if its a short flight then i guess its ok but its true whts being said service is atrocious
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    Gynea confirm boy, but will it turn out to be girl?

    If the percentage given by dr is a 100% then i guess u can be rest assured. He must have seen the baby genitals to confirm that. Dont worry too much about it and start your preparations by shopping!!!
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    private gynaes vs subsidized gynae referred by polyclinic

    In my opinion if you are able to afford it,go ahead and get a private one. With more personalized care and hopefully shorter waiting times ,I for one think its money well spent!
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    Arrogant maid disregard instruction

    I guess u will have to give and take.Learning more languages is not a bad thing.She could speak malay to the kids while you can re enforce your english .Kids pick up languages easily .Its an advantage to be multi lingual. She probably got upset tht u were belittling her spoken tongue(ie it not...