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    House mthly repayment

    i think now no more WIS. they band all the flats together and release half yearly through balloting exercise.
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    PD at railmall bukit pangjang

    if you are talking about the lady dr Liew, we had an experience with her when my ds1 was 18mths old (my ds1 is now 6 yrs old) - went there instead of back to the original PD as it was nearer to my place. that jab was tramatic as she instruct us to hold my screaming kid down as she jab him. it...
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    How do you help MummySG?

    Currently, with the absence of the presence of active moderators and admin, and a whole load of spammers and the inaction of any moderator/admin to clear them up expeditely, how can we, as MummySG's members, spread the word to others that THIS is the forum to come for discussion on children and...
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    how much money do you give your parents monthly? much are you giving your parents?
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    2002 & 2004 kids weight

    dd oct 02 and ds aug02?????????both 2002?? typo?
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    Maths in primary school are not easy your SIL willing to conduct workshops for us? :001_302: i read somewhere at at some point around P3, due to the subject's 'complexity', parents will have difficulty coping with coaching their kids in school work.:elvis:
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    Will your kid so?

    are both your kids in childcare/infant care?
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    any 2002 kiddos parents here

    Latest Update:- Yeye - boy Vion - Verone - Jan Gal - Woodgrove Pri Sch Jedamum - Jerald - Aug boy - Trying BPPS Xiaoxue - Skye - Oct boy - Fernvale Pri Mami_Jazz - Javen - Sep boy - Holy Innocents' Pri (Jazz, still this one? :001_302:) City.Pumpkin - Oct Gal Xiaodaisy - boy Abkoh - Ace - May...
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    any 2002 kiddos parents here

    argh....another rival! no wonder i need to ballot! :err: welcome to mummysg. :001_302:
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    Maths in primary school are not easy

    ya..i feel that this type of question is actually testing english rather than maths. my boy finds it difficult too, especially those type of.. ___ more than 9 is 15 6 more than ____ is 20 7 more than 5 is ______ ____ is 9 more than 2 6 is ____ more than 3 7 is 5 more than ____ ___ less than 9 is...
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    throw tantrum when I give him Homework for P2

    erm...i assume he is in P2? - how much did you give in one shot? - which time of the day did you do it? - is this the first time he is doing worksheets given by you? - have you give him prior notification? - did you tell him the rationale of doing such worksheets?
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    Dilemma : Career/Children

    Last year and this year, my ex-boss offered me a chance to go back to work for him part time (i was doing part-time for 2 years before I quit). I can understand your dilemma. On one hand, I am worried about missing this opportunity to accumulate my retirement funds (and a good-paying part time...
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    any 2002 kiddos parents here

    ] are you aware that if you use your parents address, you will still be consider as applicants within 1-2 km even if your parents live within 1 km from BBPS? for applicants withing 1-2km of BBPS, will have balloting. so you may want to consider whether to try your luck at the ballot or go...
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    any 2002 kiddos parents here

    wa...rival also trying BBPS? you within 1km?
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    any 2002 kiddos parents here

    oh rail mall. very near to my place. may consider that for my ds2 next will probably contact you for feedback. :) for math enrichment hor, my boy signed up with MMI (just a stone throw away from your jan and elly) and my advise is don't waste your time there unless you want your kid to...