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    WTB - Obimin multivitamin and Neurogain S

    I have a BN btl of Obimin to let go... collect at Hougang. also Ganillatablets
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    DHA Omega 3 Junior Syrup

    Hi i want 3btls
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    Natal Care Triplus Fish oil for sale

    Hi i m keen pls sms me 81809807$
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    pls sms me 81809807 to deal

    pls sms me 81809807 to deal
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    which formula do u prefer

    yes friso is foamy. i read other threads this is common. for me i noticed when he is drinking the gap in the bottle gets foamy. think the formula is such.
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    can a baby drink two different brands of formula milk at one time?

    It all depends on how your baby can take it. My boy 2months old, takes Enfalac in the day time and Frisogold in the night feeds. Reason for me to give 2 formulas is, when he was solely on enfalac he was having constipation often and cried alot. Now that he take Frisogold for his after 8pm feeds...
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    which formula do u prefer

    My boy ( 2months old) was given Friso Gold in hospital. Once came home i put him immediatly on Enfalac. Now at 2months old he drinks Enfalac for daytime and for night feeds he takes Friso 1. Both milk is suitable for him.
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    What to buy

    For myself , from 20weeks onwards, I bought milk bottles, new teats, newborn clothes,wrapping blankets,bibs, mittens booties, cap, milk btl sterliser, milk btl warmer. Some handme downs I am about to get are carseat, babycot, but all these will be during my last few weeks i am collecting...
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    Hungry ghost festival

    Just to share my experience, I am non chinese but I believe in all these Hungry Ghost thing. For me on National Day , What i did was all the window in my house i hung a crystal piece so as to ward off evil as I am on the second floor and placed 2 iron nails on the window grills gap as well...
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    Milk Bottles

    hi there, i am in my 2nd trimester and have bought the tommee tippee range btls for my baby. find that its somehow closer to breast feeding style coz of the nipples and anti colic as well as bpa free.
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    IVF/ICSI/IUI general support and Discussion groups 2010

    Hi Ladies, How is everyone progressing?
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    Recommend PT cleaner.

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a part time cleaner who can do this chores. 1) Wiping of all windows and window panes. (hall, kitchen and 3 bedrooms) 2) Wiping of fully tiled kitchen walls and cabinets 3) Cleaning of fridge 4) Washing of two toilets 5) Washing of kitchen flooring 6) Dusting and...
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    IVF/ICSI/IUI general support and Discussion groups 2010

    Lucas n Giselle , good luck to you... think our symtomps are common after IUI.... do remember to take ur folic acid daily... as for other supplement you may want to consider blackmores conceive well. Patsie, maybe you should check with the clinic and explain your blood flow to them and seek...
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    IVF/ICSI/IUI general support and Discussion groups 2010

    Patsie sometime it could mean false negative aso,.. my doc was mariane hendricks frm KKIVF
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    IVF/ICSI/IUI general support and Discussion groups 2010

    My 2ww wait is good :) yup my bloodtest is this friday but i went to buy HPT to test and it showed a positive sign, Now Friday going to do bloodtest and confirm it.:shyxxx: