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    Free Philips products from Qanvast

    Qanvast is giving all these Philips products worth $600 for free! Anyone interested? Simply engage a an ID company through them! Sounds easy. They seems to have really nice design I like! I don't mind engaging through them and get the free products. They are useful and practical items to me...
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    These days the new flats/apartments have such small kitchen! A friend recommended i get Turbo's new cooker hood, available in 60cm which was what i need. So if any of you have small kitchen or only do light cooking, you can check out this also. The model i got is TA65-602 Black, they have...
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    Household Items (which are unique)

    To all Mummies out there! Now Turbo got promotion until 31 Jan 2019! Free reversible umbrella if you purchase any of their product worth over $200! Go check it out if you looking to get new hob, hood or even ovens!
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    Household Items (which are unique)

    so i read some reviews and by friend's suggestions i changed my old cooking hob to a stain-less hob. I was told that if i cook very often its best that i don't go for glass hob.
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    Household Items (which are unique)

    I need a good cooking hob with big enough fire for that good old wok hei cooking flavour! Any recommendations?
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    Good deals for Home Appliances!

    Check out Cornell's CNY promotions! You might find something you need!
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    Household Items (which are unique)

    Hi Everyone! If you're looking to change your kitchen hob, check out Turbo's new collection of Incanto hobs. There are 12 models in this series, all of which boast fresh new looks, complete with a safety device, that complement the modern kitchen! The glasses in the glass hobs also come in a...
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    Good deals for Home Appliances!

    These classy new breakfast set from Morphy Richards is an absolute must buy!
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    Good deals for Home Appliances!

    Hi Everyone! Have you all heard or seen Morphy Richard's kitchen appliances? They have just launched their brand-new and exquisite breakfast range! These Scandinavian breakfast collection of Kettles and Toasters is just what every household will need. Check them out at any Harvey Norman...
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    Baking oven

    My best friend finally got her keys to her new home and now need some renovation work done! She loves to cook and bake so i suggested Turbo's oven to her! I'm using it myself and it has served me really well!
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    Bake cakes in small oven???

    I usually use my table top oven for small bakes. It works fine, you just need to really watch the temperature
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    joyoung soya milk maker

    If you're looking to get the Joyoung Soymilk Maker, you can check out this coming Turbo warehouse sale! They even provide live-demo on how to use the soymilk maker!
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    Home Design

    Have a new home and looking for a water heater that can complement the interior design? You can try Cornell's water heater, they are having a promotion now. Go check it out =)
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    joyoung soya milk maker

    Hi all mummy out there! Does any of you have any new recipe to share for Joyoung Soymilk maker? Appreciate if someone can share =)
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    All your baking questions answered!

    I'm amazed by what a table top oven can do!