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    Are you a seafood, meat or vegetable person?

    All of the above! I alternate meat and seafood but I eat lots of fruits and vegetables everyday.
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    Hi All!

    Welcome! Hope you have a safe delivery. And I'm sure you'll learn a lot here like I have.
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    Korean Food Cooking Classes!

    Maangchi is my go to for Korean recipes.
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    Electronic filing solution for work

    Thanks. I did as you suggested and found this document control software. It's exactly what we're looking for. I think it'll be able to help us with our compliance as well.
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    Electronic filing solution for work

    We have bulk of paper documents here in the office. I'm thinking on how to store and organize it. What do you use for all your papers and digital files in one location for an easy access? I do not know how it is called but I'm looking for something like an electronic filing cabinet?
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    Are you a seafood, meat or vegetable person?

    I like seafood like crabs and lobsters. I like mixed vegetables and meat. Actually, I love cooking and discovering new recipes for my family. But, I only eat those in moderation.
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    Its good to be here!

    Hi, to all mothers here! Advance Happy mother's day to all. I 'm so grateful to be a part of this group. I feel that I can discover and learn a lot from you. How I wish, I could share something new to all moms around. Enjoy your stay everyone!