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    Reviews & Package - Raffles Hospital

    Anyone know if Raffles provides rooming in?
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    What is your 14mths daily feed?

    Well, if you have a heart problem, you don't see a GP, you see a cardiologist. The same goes with nutrition and diet. I'm not saying that PD is better or dietitian is better. Both have their own roles in the medical industry. When a child is sick, you see a PD but when a parent wants advice on...
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    What is your 14mths daily feed?

    I believe the keywords here are indulgent and discipline. If your child's diet is varied, the chances of nutrition loss is minimal but with picky and fussy children, it's hard to gauge so paeds prefer to take the blanket approach and suggest that you bulk up in terms of frequency. I do agree...
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    Do you still go clubbing after married with kids?

    Urm, I dunno about your angmoh friends but my hubby's angmoh male friends NEVER hug other married or attached women, eg me la. It's just not nice. We kiss on the cheek as per social practice but hugging is something intimate and reserved for your partner/spouse/family. Heck, even my FIL and...
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    what are you feeding your 18 mth toddler?

    Re foods: At 18 mths, your daughter can already start eating family foods, eg food that you and your family eat (assuming that you don't take high fat, high oil, high salt food :) ). At 18 mths, Eva was eating what we were eating and new items like prawns, squid, peanut butter spread, and other...
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    What is your 14mths daily feed?

    Check out websites like and There are other mummy blogs around the site that can provide you recipes. Do note that they as well as your paed are not certified dietitians or nutritionists so always take their suggests with a pinch of salt. Ebi, I...
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    Terrible weight....pls help

    I believe the right term is lactose intolerant and not weak stomach. Note that I was told by the paed dietitian that unless your child is allergic to cow's milk, do not substitute as goat's milk doesn't contain some nutrients that are in cow's milk. Neither is superior than the other. To the...
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    How much you already saved???

    I was a SAHM/W from Feb 2008 till May 2010. After a few months of being a SAHW, I started my own e-biz even though I had some small income from my blog. The money was just as an allowance - to buy stuff that I like, etc. My hubby gave me some spending money. During CNY, birthdays or whenever I...
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    How much you already saved???

    If your hubby gives you an allowance, try to save as much as you can from there by shopping smart and spending wisely (buy house brands, buy during sale, find cheaper alternatives, etc). That's usually how SAHMs who don't have any form of income save up their money - by learning how to stretch...
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    Modern Cloth Diapering

    MieVee, do you have any lubangs for Grovia AIO - newborn and regular???
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    Cheese / Yogurt

    If your child has been introduced to yogurt already and showed no reaction, then can start with cheese. Can give just like this - slice and give or grate over food, with bread, as an omelette (with egg), in muffins, etc. Eva used to like cheese till recently because my hubby gave her very...
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    Cheese / Yogurt

    Am not too sure if you can see the brand from the pic. Let me know if you can' should be able to find these at any NTUC outlets, Cold Storage and even Giant.
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    Cheese / Yogurt

    Before I was making my own, I bought plain full fat yogurt instead of those Yoplait and etc - prefer plain to flavoured ones. For cheese, I buy natural cheese in blocks coz cheese slices are saltier and made up of leftover cheese plus colouring & flavouring.
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    can baby eat cake?

    If it's homemade - you made it yourself and n ot someone else - then why not? But otherwise, I'd stay clear of it because cakes made outside use a lot of sugar, cheaper alternative to butter (not exactly healthier) and can contain colouring and flavouring.
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    Home-made Apple Puree for Your Baby

    Fresh. No need to steam anymore.