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    Private Investigator

    Hi, my friend have engaged the services of Kokusai before, it was a terrible experiences. Not only he didn't do the job, he was lying on the updates. He also told my friend his husband was careful and look around a lot. He also lied to my friend that the husband went to work, but my friend...
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    Relationship problems

    babyerra07, ask yourself honestly. can he really change? It's not marriage counselling that he have to go but anger management, or go to couselling for his gambling habit. But do u think he will go. I would advice u, if he ever slap u report to the police and get PPO against him
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    Private Investigator

    i feel no need to bother about her much, i go thru the forum, she didn't even posted in any other threads, even thought she needs a lot of advices from ppl. When u talk about her, then she claimed this and there. I also doubt her motive here.
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    Relationship problems

    sometimes, it's good to let your hsuband release his tensions to u. At least there is communication, then he will not look for someone else.
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    how to trust a strayed husband?

    it really depend whether he is truthfully remorseful and willing to stop before u can talk about forgiving.
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    Will u allow MIL to cane your kids?

    certain times, the child needs to be disciple if not they will be beyond control.
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    Just wondering...

    sometime, we can't be too trusting. With so many news of men having affair and looking for prositutes, it seem that we must always be on he lookout
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    Caught! Friend unfaithful to his wife: What should I do?

    rather to have a good mother to bring up the right value than to have a father who are full of lies. I believe many mothers are also able to give the children a good home. If the father is always having affairs, the kids might grow up having the wrong thinking that adultery is alright.
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    Private Investigator

    how is it so far. u found out more truth?
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    Pls help...... I feel so helpless now.....

    why u needs to listen to him. Of course he doesn't wan to give u anything. If u get a divorce and he have to pay u mainatainence for the kids. If he i not working, no money, the court might ordered a larger share of the profit of the house to you, as cover for maintainace. For a start, u...
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    Pls help...... I feel so helpless now.....

    why can't u divorce him and get him to transfer his share of the house to u. then u will have a place to stay. If u continue using your saving, then come one day you used up everything, what u going to do. so better do something fast.
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    Scared and depressed and on the verge of divorce

    this kind of life is not normal. Do something, don't make your life so miserable.
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    Do you think a marriage must have kids?

    u will never know how wonderful to have a child