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    CCK mummy?

    I stay in Northvale condo, near Choa chu kang loop. By the way, any mummies happen to be SAHM? :-)
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    CCK mummy?

    Hi. Anyone living near CCK? I have a 10 m o baby girl. :001_302:
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    Disposable Diapers - Pls share your experiences

    i used all u can find in Singapore. Worst choice -drypers,huggies. Best choice - Mamy Poko.
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    Wanna get a stroller for 1 mth kid. WHich brand and model is good?

    If you wanna save ur stroller later for ur second baby, u'd better buy a new one. If u don't have a lift or helper, buy the one with one hand folding mechanism.
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    Nov 2007 mummies

    My daughter is now 8 months too. We started on solids at 5-6 months. She developed allergy to some veggies so we needed to slow it down. Besides after mummy eating lots of cakes or givin to her avocado had a problem of constipation for about a week. What I can suggest to help: If you are...
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    Member's HOME Location

    hi, kinda newbie...:Dancing_wub: Jurong East-Chinese garden
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    Jurong West moms :)

    Anyone staying in jurong East or closer to Chinese garden? Let me know I'm a SAHM plus 8 months girl:err::001_302: