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    Pain in bone joints after birth

    To Porukadotzu: Numbness in the fingers or pain running down the arm could be caused by misalignment of the spine. One's spine can sometimes become misaligned when one is carrying heavy loads. In your case, it could have been caused by the weight of your baby in you. This in turn could result in...
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    MMR vaccinnation

    My elder girl's MMR shot which gave her headaches was given to her in P5 this year. They were so bad that she was having double vision and completely lost her appetite. This naturally resulted in her poor exam results although she was all along a good performer. Anyway, the naturopath that we...
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    Eczema during pregnancy?

    To vane: Eczema is not genetic as doctors would have you believe. I suffered from eczema in my teens and was told that my girls took after me. Well, guess what? Their skin is totally clear now. Supplement with a good probiotic, and take digestive enzymes along with your meals and that might do...
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    A great homeopathic remedy for hives is Apis. I had a serious case of hives years ago shortly after consuming some nuts. After a dose of Apis 1M consisting of 2 tiny sugar pellets, I slept like a baby, and the next morning, they were all gone. No need for harmful antibiotics or allergy shots...
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    MMR vaccinnation

    Thimerosal derived from mercury is used as a preservative in vaccines. This as well as many other toxins. Failure for the body to detox these often results in many neurological and immunological issues. Here's an interesting video: YouTube - 4/2/08 Larry King Autism w/ Jenny McCarthy...
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    Bad Constipation

    Constipation is often caused by the inability to digest food properly. Some people just do not produce enough digestive enzymes. As such, supplementing a good digestive enzyme before food will help a great deal with gastro issues such as constipation, bloating, diarrhea etc. In addition, taking...
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    2009 PSLE Maths Paper

    Andrew Er's Maths Worksheets have a good coverage of simple to critical sums. I get the book every year. Exam papers of top schools will help too. The key to learning Maths is practice. The only problem is finding time to do the assessments.
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    Eczema. What's the cause and how to avoid it?

    Based on my personal experience with my 2 girls who had bad eczema since birth, I believe most cases of eczema are caused by fungal infection or candida. Candida can propagate anywhere in and on the body. That's why these rashes keep returning, and usually at the same places. No amount of...
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    Hi from pearly

    Hello everyone, I happened to be googling and found this forum. I'm on the internet a lot but it never occurred to me to join a motherhood forum till now. Anyway, I thought it will be a good idea to come here and make some friends and perhaps share an idea or two. I'm a mother of 2 adorable...