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    Do You Want To Stay At Home With Your Kids And Earn An Extra Income At The Same Time?

    Re: Do You Want To Stay At Home With Your Kids And Earn An Extra Income At The Same T interested thanks!
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    How old should a healthy kid stop using the stroller?

    i dun tink u should get the double stroller, do u ve a current stroller? can baby use also? maybe can alternate btw yr 2kids? my son is 2.5yrs old, we also let him sit the pram, cos we are using it for my 9mth old baby also. when we go out, i will carry my baby & my son will sit in the pram...
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    Baby refused to sleep at night!

    she daytime dun sleep much, morning when reach mil hse, she will sleep from 8am-11am/12noon, after that she dun sleep liao, is her activity time. mil coax her to sleep she oso refuse to sleep,duno y, always after she drink milk she very awake de, as if tat bottle of milk is her 'red bull'...
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    Baby refused to sleep at night!

    i tried. but no use. when i leave her in her cot, she will roll here & there, get up on her tummy, attempt to grab anything on her bed, 'talk' to herself & will cry for attention. i cannot leave her to cry because her cries will wake my son up, den he will ve difficulty going back to sleep, my...
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    Baby refused to sleep at night!

    hi, yes, my baby is already at my mil place since she is 3mths old. Now she is already 6mths+, she is already used to the enviornment there. so im not sure why she's behaving like this, refusing to sleep & keep wanting to play even at wee hrs at night! she's not crying, just smiling, laughing &...
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    Baby refused to sleep at night!

    lately my 6mth old gal refused to sleep at night. every night at 9pm after milk she will sleep, den wake up 1hr later, after that she will refuse to sleep, no matter how we coax or pat her to sleep, she refuses to sleep! we tried smoothing music but useless, she gets more awake, massage her also...
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    baby refuse to drink milk

    my hubby changed the teat before cos we oso tot mayb she cant suck out tats y she refuse milk but after she's on the new teat, she got choke by the milkflow. so now use back current teat.
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    hi coco, ive enrolled my son at little footsteps above kfc @ blk 701A. but he will only start in november. the principal is a malay lady, quite friendly, able to answer our queries. the interior of the CC is not very big, they ve separate toilets for boy & girl. actually im not sure whether this...
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    baby refuse to drink milk

    my 5mths old baby has been refusing to drink milk for past few days. we had no choice but to force feed her to drink milk. but sometimes she will refuse to drink & will cry/scream if we force her again. but she does not reject water, will keep drinking. my mil brought her to doc, he said nothing...
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    Can baby still take 6-in-1 vaccine?

    hi mummies, need yr advice pls. my baby is coming 4mths this wkend, we had brought her for her 6-in-1 first jab last night @ GP but he said my baby cannot take the 6-in-1 because she is supposed to take at 1.5mth. We told the GP the reason we had delayed was because my baby kept falling...
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    anyone experienced on & off fever in small children?

    my 2yr old boy has fever on off since yesterday afternoon. but evening time his temperature went up to 39.8deg, upon reaching kkh, his temperature was 40.1 deg. he was brought in immediately for treatment & blood test to find out what was causing the high fever, but blood test result came out...
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    bf while having flu?

    im down with flu & cough. yesterday i took flu medi & Lamsip medication. so yesterday i did not breastfeed my baby. i was wondering this morning the breastmilk that i pump out, is it safe to feed my baby?
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    Tightness @ tummy , breathless sometimes, normal?

    for me, sleeping on my right side has always been more comfortable but lately my gal always punch on my right side, making me feel so uncomfy. last night she move & punched so much i was so uncomfy i only slept at 3.30am. i even thought my waterbag was going to burst due to her violent...
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    EDD March 2011

    Hi mummies, im approaching my 35th week & already having backaches, cant sleep well at night etc. & few days back i experienced some discharge flowing out, felt quite uncomfortable, my gyne said cos i walk too much. now cant walk much too, last sat went out with my parents & my boy, walk...
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    Does yr older child visit u @ hospital after u gave birth?

    Ya u r right. i can't imagine my MIL telling me to let my son stay at her place so that i can tend to my newborn. i told her its alright, we can handle as we want both of them to bond & be close to each other, only den she said ok.