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    julia gabriel

    Yes, e max no of kids for class is 20, n there r 4 teachers. Plus 20 accompanying parents, tt's juz diff to make e class feel v conducive for learning, IMO. She attended e 11.30am slot n enjoyed classes. They learn to follow a routine there n be part of a group. In terms of picking up knowledge...
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    julia gabriel

    I juz stopped sending my dd last term but mainly coz I find sat class size too big. She was attending bilingual playclub at evans. Teachers there are v v nice, nurturing n patient.
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    Cereal & Milk

    Haha... :) I guess pp plc too much emphasis on size.
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    9 months old rejecting solids

    Yup... and also the organic veggie ones available at organic stores. Yes, sometimes just changing the bowl/spoon works too... I read in a HPB pamphlet regarding feeding babies and it said it's ok to feed one egg yolk a day... the cholesterol is needed for their brain development
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    Feeding when going holiday with toddler

    I'd bring my mini slowcooker with me and cook as MieVee suggested a largely vegetarian diet. If you have whitebait powder or ikan bilis powder, you can bring that along as well. I wouldn't recommend bringing meat/fish. If cooking is not possible, I would bring organic jarred food (without...
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    new food

    You could treat those foods you mentioned as snacks for your child. If he doesn't like it, you can offer it again for the next few days just to make a note whether or not he is allergic to the food. In general, abide by the 4-day wait rule. After that, if he really doesn't like the food, intro...
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    Food for 1 yr old

    At 1 yr old, she can move on to eating more varieties of food as suggested by the other mummies. Offer the variety and monitor which she takes to and you could give that more often than the others - at least that's what I do. I've got some recipes of the food I cook for my tot here. :)
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    9 months old rejecting solids

    I had the same experience too! My girl oso rejected everything she used to eat at about 9mths so I had to experiment with different types of food. Eventually she went back to eating but had changed preferences. More about my experience here.
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    Expressing issues

    It's normal for bb to nurse frequently, esp within the first month. Baby's latch is the best pump and can get more milk than what you can express using the breastpump. Don't worry. As long as your bb is contented and growing well, ignore the amt you actually manage to express. :)
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    Cereal & Milk

    I agree with the rest of the mummies. Skinny doesn't mean unhealthy. My girl's 2+ but only 9+kg. Skinny and small but really, I've no complaints! :)
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    Sharing my breastfeeding story at Today's Motherhood

    Hi all, here's the link to my breastfeeding journey (still an ongoing one at 2years and counting) :) To all breastfeeding mummies, you're doing great! :)
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    PLEASE HELP ME!! My baby can't sleep at night without nursing

    My dd didnt noe how to latch in the first month and when she finally learnt to do it in the 2nd month, i introduced her to lying down to nurse and after a few days, she managed to learn how to do it. I guess it takes some practice for both mummy and baby. :) Sasha, don't give up... keep...
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    Feeding babies with outside food

    Hmm, never heard of such a theory... :P My dd doesn't eat sweets or choc either. Somehow too sweet or salty she doesn't like anyway. hee... I give my dd cod liver oil after 2yo.
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    Phlegm Problems

    - What food will cause phlegm? citrus fruits, cold foods/drinks, allergies. Other foods to avoid while having phelgm: chicken, food high in sugar content - What food will help to treat phlegm? - Is there any food remedies to help? you can try boiling soups that use sweet and bitter almonds...
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    when to send the little one to little tots to socialise?

    There's actually no hurry to send your child to a cc or playgroup just to socialise. Kids up to 3 years old mostly still engage in parallel play/associative play rather than play actively together (cooperative play). :) I'm a sahm so I homeschool my child (she's 2yo) (you can chk out my...