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    **2011** Rabbit Mama Pls Gather here **

    Hello all mummies, I'm due on 25 March and bb head already down so also worry that bb will deliver earlier than expected. :)

    Wedding Invitation that gone wrong

    I totally agree with Cmeilim. You dun have to feel sad about it. It's not your fault.

    Must go for detail scan at 20 weeks or later

    I think should be okie. Y you changing to new gynae?

    Second trimester sleep

    I also in my 19weeks now. Same like you having leg cramps and often running toilet every hourly in the middle of the night. Like what jiajia suggest, dun drink so much water before you go to slp. Good luck to all mummies and enjoy the pregnancy. :)

    Cord round baby's neck

    I will be worried too. If i will her, i sure opt for c-section for the safety of the baby.

    Suddenly have problem sleeping... =(

    Could be teething. When my son was ard this age also will wake up in the middle of the night, non stop crying. Until his voice turn hoarse. Must monitor him and try to calm him down. Good luck Wendy.

    Anyone else with such a sisterinlaw?

    My sister also has the same problem as yours. But when her kids grow up they gradually know that the gugu they use to address her as mama. Now they also call her gugu. I know you're worry but since she's those type that won't listen then you also can't do anything. My sister use to argue with...

    Starting work on Monday!! :(

    It's the same to all working mums. I went back to work after 2.5months rest. At first really very hard to cope and can't stop worrying. I bring along some of my son's photo to work and can't concentrate with my work. After few days i learn to let go and I feel assured that my mother-in-law will...

    Arrival of Sydnee Chiong

    Congrats. Enjoy your sweet moments of your newborn. Take good care of your wife. :)

    can you describe what kind of pain are we talking about?

    Actually really depend on individual. For me, i took epidural and it really helps to relieve my pain and nervous. It's better to experience yourself. During my pregnancy, alot of my friends told me about their pregnancy and make me so scare of delivery until i experience myself actually not...

    Brush baby's teeth

    Yes my son also the same. Everytime want to clean his tongue, he will bite my finger. It really hurts alot. I also tell him that i going to clean his tongue and tell him to open his mouth for me to clean. Now he understand better and seldom bite my finger. :) I also make it a habit to brush his...

    7th month - beliefs/superstitions.

    That's too much to say haha. Not very superstitions person but better to believe than sorry when things happen. :)

    what you call 'it' to your toddler

    I use to just say dun touch there, now i start teaching my son about his body parts. He can understand well. He pick up very fast so actually we must use the correct terms to teach them. Kids are so smart nowadays. :)

    **2011** Rabbit Mama Pls Gather here **

    This post suddenly disappeared for very long, so i wanted to start the post running again.. Any mummies got any good news to share? :) Many months has past since our last updates. I got good news to share, my edd is on Mid Mar 2011. :Dancing_wub:

    Can drink bubble tea when pregnant?

    Ok thanks all mummies for the advise hahaha.. Everything also can take only to take in moderation. My friend also told me she took pineapple daily when she's pregnant even during 1st trimester but elderly advise us not to take... :err: