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    Any Malay Massage lady to recommend??

    Interested please call this number: 8220 2351 (Mdm Latifah)
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    Any Malay Massage lady to recommend??

    hi, i engaged Mdm Katijah's sis in law.. Mdm Latifah.. 1st session, i can see my tummy abit flat Mdm Latifah is from indonesia and in this line for 3 years. She is nice & friendly.. her skill is gd too..
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    Any Malay Massage lady to recommend??

    hi, i called Mdm Katijah to book her session but she is fully book.. Mdm Katijah recommend her sister in law to me.. name Lathifah... i was wonder.. Mdm Lathifah is the one who mention above?
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    Superstitious believe or not

    OMG.. i forgOt abt the superstitious beliefs i used a crewdriver to hammer the freezer ice away.. (cleaning my refrigerator) i'm worried.. will anything happen to my bb?
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    Advice needed for multivitamin

    izit ok.. i only take mamil Mama Milk, IRON Supplement & fish oil?
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    any mummies taking fish oil?

    i take NeuroGainS too.. i even checked with the pharmacist @ KK.. and compared Natal Care Plus & NeuroGainS. the pharmacist say NeuroGainS is better coz is pure & take 1 capsule daily only
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    Fish oil Supplement

    hi, I did take Multi-supplement around my week 10... But I'm not use to the smell and ended up vomited so I give up multi supplement.. Now I only drink An-mum milk & take fish oil..
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    Fish oil Supplement

    Hi, Anyone taking fish oil? wat brand of fish oil do you take? Any recommend? currently i'm taking NeuroGainPB.. Is this brand... gd or there is a better one?
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    Need recommendation for good Confinement Lady

    Re: Confinement lady to recommend!!! hi py85, can i have ur confinement lady number? please email to Thank you...
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    EDD in Aug 09?

    Hi, My EDD is 22 Aug 09
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    What food to avoid and what to take more?

    i wonder... can i take Mee Hoon Soto a not?
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    EDD in Aug 09?

    mine is on 22 Aug
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    Dr L C Foong

    Anyone seeing Dr L C Foong from O & G Partners Clinic for Women @ Gleneagles... Heard that he is a gd Gynae..
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    Pregnancy Rashes anyone?

    I had rashes on my whole body @ my 9 was so itchy until i cannot take it & rushed to KK 24hrs Clinic.. I was warded for 3 days in KK & 1 week of MC.. my face & my lips was swollen.. My Gynae suspect food allergy or eczema and arranged me to go National Skin Centre. My rashes is due to...
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    anyone seeing female gynae at KKH?

    I'm seeing Dr Regina Zuzarte at KK... She is nice & caring.. but will get another gynae