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    quarrel with mil... need to vent out

    many people went thru this... amd many ppl complaint.... i too went thru this for the past 5yrs... but then when i put myself into her (MIL) shoes.. i somewhat understand why.. Just imagine when our son grow up and get married.... and imagine if he married a wife with a character exactly like...
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    Marriage counseling / 心理医生

    Hi, anyone know where can i find marriage counselor or 心理医生 that are not too expensive? Best is those gov based one...?
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    Neighbourhood Schools CMI?

    children are very easily influenced... i noticed that in my son so i always need to correct him once i found him abit "not correct" haha... but i agreed that those noti kids are usually neglected ones either their parents are rich or not very rich.... Its difficult to separate them in school...
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    Any Full Time Working Moms Staying at Jurong West

    you are staying near to my mum's place at st 64.... which i went back every sun =)
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    Any Full Time Working Moms Staying at Jurong West

    i got an opening in my company for part time admin asst, pm me if you interested!
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    Any Full Time Working Moms Staying at Jurong West

    FTWM reporting here... used to stay at st 42 but recently moved to jurong west ave 3 got 3 kiddos, 11yrs, 5yrs and 2yrs Working at commonwealth area :001_302:
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    Neighbourhood Schools CMI?

    actually all schools will have some black sheeps... it all depends on how you educate your child and let him/her know what is good and what is bad for them and what are the do and don't... Its never too young to teach, they will eventually understand.... I had been thru this before and my son...
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    Recommended Childcare for Infant at Jurong West Area

    key elementary eduhouse at boon lay drive, both my youngest are there... formally known as cherie hearts boon lay, the except they changed their school name.. all teachers and directors there no change... their way of teaching/coaching is great really no regrets sending them there....
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    This Married but Single Life is Making Me Very Angry with My $%^*&@#! Husband!

    i checked with the lawyer before... deed poll can only change the name or add christian name for the child but cannot change the surname. Surname can only be change via adoption that's is why we are left with no choice but to proceed with adoption instead of a deed poll... best is to check with...
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    Looking for Admin Asst...

    My company have the following opening, anyone interested, feel free to pm me for more details, if you are not serious in getting a job, not able to commit to work long with the company, please don't flood my inbox. 1) Junior Admin Asst 5days week, Commonwealth area With knowlegde in computer...
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    This Married but Single Life is Making Me Very Angry with My $%^*&@#! Husband!

    to change your son's surname, you need to do an adoption no matter you are the birth mum or adoptive mum... my eldest son was from my previous marriage, after i remarried, i need to change my son's surname to my hubby's surname and this required me and my hubby to adopt him and his birth father...
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    How to make baby slp thru the night?

    for my 2 youngest kids, i tried all methods online or via advices but it din work and i gave up trying, they outgrown it by themselves Both at about 18-19months, they just suddenly stop waking up for milk one of the night and it continues..... and alas! no more night feeding.. i find it so...
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    I want to get out from here..

    yes u needa wait for 3 years (seperation) if you got no evidence that he is having adultery or being abusive etc... years back seperation fees was about $500 - $800 and divorce is about $2.5K - $4K not sure how much is it now.... do whatever you deem is the best for you can your child...
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    Birth Control after Delivery~

    nope... 3 is MORE then enough... hehe planning to go for ligation after i turn 30... i used to have this problem too about worried that i might miss the pill.... so i set an alarm to remind me everyday, same time and i left the pills at a place where i will always see before i go to bed...
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    Birth Control after Delivery~

    no weight gain, no pimples and no discomfort so far... After my 2nd kids i took it for 2years and after my 3rd kids i took it back again till now =)