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  1. charlottetan

    Enquires on IUD

    hello all, can someone advice if polyclinic do IUD insertion? how much wun that be? any side effects? TIA
  2. charlottetan

    Lousy buffet caterer

    ok. i shall not mention the caterer BUT wana vent my anger n disappointment here. this buffetcaterer i order from SUCKS ttm. read from forum say their food is nice n service is good. but to my HORROR. it turns out TOTALLY DIFFERENT. -LOUSY SERVICE( i asked them to come at 11:30 to set up but...
  3. charlottetan

    How big is ur bb/child when he/she knows how to walk n hold milk bottle on their own?

    hello.. how big is ur child? when he/she noe how to walk n hold milk bottle on their own?? i have a 10 month plus old girl... n expecting my number 2(32 week now)... will b taking care of the 2 on my own... that y it would b best if u all can advice me on the above. Thanks in...
  4. charlottetan

    Any mummies intend to furthur studies after birth?

    any mummies out there intend to further their studies? can i have your views n opinion for this issue?