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    Our Tampines Hub is fully cordoned off

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    Texas chicken coming to TPY!
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    last plate of char kway teow at bedok 85 hawker centre before lockdown
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    Return to phase 2 come Sunday: minister lawrence wong gets chided badly by netizens

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    SG government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic thus far: 66% says it is piss poor
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    Will the new PSLE scoring system change anything?

    So, a new period has begun. Entry to secondary schools will not be determined by T-Scores but by Achievement Levels (ALs) and the sum of ALs over the 4 subjects students will have to take for the PSLE. Many people have written to explain the system. You can find one here from the Straits...
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    McDonald's at VivoCity is closed till end May.
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    This JC kid Is Nearing Rock Bottom

    It’s almost 1am and yours sincerely is reaching his breaking point. Anyways, just to give some context, I am a student currently enrolled in a “top-tier” junior college who's this close to giving up entirely. I am very tired, though I can't quite accurately articulate how exactly. It’s like...
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    Häagen-Dazs Holland Village closes down

    It's the end of an era for some as Häagen-Dazs closes its Holland Village outlet. The store was spotted with emptied-out premises by a frequent customer, who later shared his loss on Facebook. The Facebook post was then reposted to private Facebook group Nostalgic Singapore on May 6, 2021...
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    Shipping Container Hotel opposite One-North MRT Station
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    Can NTUC's upcoming endeavors ameliorate the already rotted Singaporean core?

    NTUC will consider 'ring fencing' certain jobs like HR to help local Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) - Ng Chee Meng. I like what I have read but I want to sound a word of caution. Over the years, it is true that many local PMEs have been replaced by foreign PMEs in their work...
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    Bei-Ing Wanton Noodles @ Roxy Square
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    Dear Gov, Stop Telling Us Not to Worry And Start Doing Your Jobs Properly!

    It’s worrying to see so many covid-19 cases nowadays. There are so many unlinked cases from hospitals to shopping malls and even schools. If Singapore encounters a 2nd wave, it shows that the government is incapable: It was late to stop flights from India I think the government was too slow...
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    Ah Tan Wings @ Yishun Park Hawker Centre & Timbre+

    Damned if Singapore ain't becoming Fried Chicken Inc already, seeing as how palates have been "expropriated" over time by the proliferating likes of KFC, Popeyes, Jollibee, Arnold's, 4Fingers, Wingstop, yada yada yada. Still, them folks behind Ah Tan Wings - siblings Tan Wee Yang and Tan Yu Yan...
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    Sin kee Simpang Bedok - descended from Sin Kee @ Margaret Drive
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    3 in 10 young Singaporeans worry about ‘losing purpose for living’ due to Covid-19 impact: IPS study

    SINGAPORE — As normalcy gradually returns, the Covid-19 pandemic has left at least three in 10 Singaporeans in their 20s worried about losing their purpose for living, triple the proportion of those aged above 60 who feel this way, a study has found. This is given the disruptions caused by the...
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    SG girl, 26, said she'll delete guys numbers after talking to them and she'll mute them individually

    It sounds bizarre, I know. But my friend and fellow millennial, *Mandy, 28, swears by this trick. “Guys love the chase, and if you seem too easy, they get bored and lose interest,” she explains. So what exactly does she do? “To start, I never save their numbers. Once I start talking to...