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  1. nancy

    Should I start my 12 month old baby with Stage 2 or stage 3 formula?

    Hi, My baby is turning 1 yr end of May and she is still being breastfed, in addition to solid food, but without any formula. I am thinking of switching to formula after she has turned one. I have decided on Gain IQ since many mothers are feeding their babies with it. However, I was told that I...
  2. nancy

    Type of cheese to introduce to baby?

    Anyone can advise me on the type and brand of cheese to introduce to my 8 month plus baby? should i give my baby directly or do I need to cook it?
  3. nancy

    How to make pasta tastier for baby?

    I have been using Bellamy's Spelt Pasta Star recently to feed my 8 month old baby as breakfast but she doesn't like it. It is bland and sticky and dry and hence I tried adding carrot and then strain both pasta and carrot together and still she doesn't like it. Her face will cringe up and she...
  4. nancy

    Baby suddenly starts to wake up in the night crying

    Hi, My baby (6 and 1/2 months old) has been sleeping through the night since 3 months ago. However, for the past 1 week till now, she has been waking up 1-2 hr into her night sleep (after her last feed) crying pretty badly and I have to nurse her to sleep. Then she will wake up in the middle...
  5. nancy

    Type of water to let baby drink when travelling overseas?

    I'm going on a road trip next week & am concerned on the type of water to feed my baby (6 mths old) with. I have been giving her cool boiled water at home but I dunno if I can trust M'sia water even if I boil them. Can I buy those distilled water from the supermarkets & let my baby drink...
  6. nancy

    Itchy Skin during and after pregnancy!!

    My skin has been itching really bad these few days. Even my palms and soles of my feet itched too! My head and my face began to itch first and a few weeks, my whole body starts to itch. Even after a bath, I still itch. I have changed to a special body foam for sensitive skin and I still itch...
  7. nancy

    Anyone has rashes or fungal infection beneath yr breasts during BF?

    I have developed red rashes under my breasts (skin between the breasts and tummy) which eventually became fungal infection (wet due to perspiration, "warm" and sometimes itchy) during my 1st month of BF. It cleared after a few weeks of "airing" my breasts (lifting my breasts up so that the skin...
  8. nancy

    Glass Baby Bottles... & their feasibility..

    Hi, I'm a first time mummy and I'm 27 weeks pregnant now. Have been buying quite a number of baby items and recently I bought 3 glass baby bottles (because theyt are BPS free) & siliskin from Mumsfairy at the Baby Fair. However, a few friends told me that it is pointless to get glass...