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    Woman admits to calling stepson 'prostitute's child', abusing him repeatedly

    It's a really weird situation, but I think it's not about sex. Girls are often quick-tempered, but I agree that this does not justify her
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    Rug repair

    That's true. It's sad when your favorite rug gets damaged beyond repair. I had a lovely carpet that my dog destroyed. The dog likes doing stuff like that to my furniture, and that's why I don't let it in the house that much. Still, sometimes he finds a way to get in. Anyway, the rug was beyond...
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    International graduate still unemployed after 6 months of job hunting in Singapore

    Can't you go back to your house for a while? Maybe you can find a job at home and pay off the loan. I think it will be easier because, in this situation, I see this way out. You can see it here more information. On this site, there are excellent tips...
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    Cryptocurrency talk about best options today

    Lol, what different indicators were in 2018, and what they are now ! It's quite fascinating to follow... And even better if I bought a crypt then
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    Need help - Reviews on Dr KM Heng Clinic

    I needed help with joint pain from an Orthopaedic while I was pregnant. You need a clinic that offers this.
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    Business opportunities Sell Bird's Nest Soup Profit above >100%

    It's a great idea if you can do this business online.
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    Loose weight n detox

    Hello, Alibionia1982! I think you should see a specialist who can help you lose weight without harming your health. In fact, it's not an easy task to create a program of cleansing the body from a medical point of view, prescribe proper nutrition, determine the duration of such a program. I think...
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    WTS Preloved Ikea HAMPEN rug - $25

    This was a long time ago, you've probably sold it. I like IKEA blankets a lot, I only wish they sell weighted blankets too.
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    Stretch Mark Lotion

    I used coconut oil, it helped me.
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    anyone take DHA fish oil?

    I also took fish oil, it's healthy.
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    Milk Powder, Low Fat Milk, Fresh Milk which is better for pregnancy??

    During pregnancy, I drank regular milk. Depends on what you can drink.
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    Anyone knows where to get organic Raspberry Leaf Tea?

    Try to find it in pharmacies.
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    Drinking coffee and tea during pregnancy.

    I think you'd better refrain from coffee. Tea won't do any harm...
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    Need advise

    This may be an ectopic pregnancy. In any case, be sure to go to the gynecologist.
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    How to deal with Eczema in Pregnancy

    My sister also has eczema. During her pregnancy, she was not allowed to use anything, so as not to harm the child.
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    'I'll die of pain without an epidural'

    Use of epidural anesthesia is not prohibited. I used her help myself...
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    Hello all

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    I'm just looking for a cleaning company where I can hire cleaners for my office. Can I find out the name of your company? Before I hire someone, I always read reviews, this is my principle. I recently found My Home Carpet Cleaning NYC in the same way. I liked the fact that they have organic...