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    I need help

    My 4months old boy refuse to drink milk at all... each time we have to make him sleep before we put the milk bottle into his mouth. This is the only way he will drink his milk. He will take 180ml during his "dream feed" that's every 3hours. Started on weaning last week, by PD advise since...
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    Help : Hair loss

    my baby is coming 4 months.. every1 told me, mother will start to drop hair when baby is 4 months old. initially i don believe it. but lately, I'm starting to drop alot of hair. and i REALLY MEANT ALOT!! any remedies folks? and when will all this ends? or rather willl it ever ends?
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    Anyone? im just few wks to my due date, not sure why im totally exhausted this days... is that normal? just wanna sleep and sleep... right now typing this im yawning away
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    anyone opting for 1st JAN 2011 ??!

    any mummies choose to deliver on 01.01.11??
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    Baby Education Savings

    Hi mommies, any ideas on insurance for baby or education savings?? TIA!!
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    Without yr hubby around

    Anyone went through childbirth, confinement all alone without your hubby? how do you mummies cope?!? seems like I might need to go thru everything myself, as chances of hubby being posted oversea very high.... :tno:
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    3D/4D scan

    dear mummies, anyone have any idea where else can i do 3D/4D scan? I'm suppose to do mine at TMC, but their appointment is so difficult to bk, and hubby is always not in town, so tough to bk a date tht hubby is in town.... ):
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    Eczema During pregnancy

    Hi mummies, any one experience that?? I had history of eczema before! so now during pregnancy, it came back again.... the whole tummy is fulled of rashes, my hands too... when to both GP, and gynae, they only gave me v mild cream to apply... I am scratching like mad every night esp...
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    What to buy

    At 19wks, What should we start buying, to prepare for baby?!?! Clothes? Cot? pram? Diapers? OR what? when will be appropriate time to start buying all these stuffs? can mommies advise? hehe thanks
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    Vicks Inhaler

    Hi all, I'm having this runny nose, blocked nose everyday lately............ getting very irritating........... Arrggghh... doc medication doesnt seems to work... use tiger balm and vicks inhaler, it seems to work a little.... But im getting abit worried, not sure if I can use it, im...
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    listen to baby's heartbeat

    hi mothers, I saw online there's a device to listen to bb's heart beat.. may I know where to get it and how much is it? and from which trimester onwards can we use that?! many thanks ^^
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    Bed Rest

    Any mommies or mtb been told by doc to rest in the bed completely??? I had spotting few days ago, went to see doc, he asked to go on complete bed rest, but spotting stopped for 2 days alrdy... he said just monitor for couple of days more! im really BORRREEED!
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    EDD Jan

    (; mid jan
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    What kind of house work can we do

    hi all, im currently 5wks, took unpaid leave staying home alrdy, as i'm flying, once pregnant gotta stay home... i'm soo bored as im forbid to do house work.. is that true? i need to do something beside eating and slping