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    A very very very touching story of a little baby boy, Xavier...

    Came across this video, and I find it very touching.. I teared when i was watching it and I really admire this little baby boy's strong will to live and his parents n big brother's courage and love. The parents are really very strong people to go thru that and I don't know if I am capable to...
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    Breastfeeding Fathers.

    hi everyone, not sure if this topic was posted b4 or if anyone knows abt this.. but ytd, when i was having my haircut, i came across an article abt daddies can actually breastfeed! as in, they can also produce milk (though not as much as mummies) to BF their babies! all they need is some...
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    Bra Hooks.

    is it possible to change the bra hooks at the back? my bras r still in good condition after years of usage, but the hooks at the back hv rusted n broke due to the wear n tear n washing. i think its very wasted to throw away those bras, so wanna ask any solutions? i only seen departmental stores...
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    Scar Marks

    hi, any products is effecient in healing n fading scar marks? normally these scars r from insect bites. then after they heal, some will leave a scar mark there. some not so obvious, but can still see. any products to introduce? MTIA. :)
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    Parent-Teacher Conference

    hi mummies, does your child CCC have such conference? pin's one is coming up next mth... wondering what kinda questions i shld ask the teacher...? i did once last year.. didnt ask much also.. cos i also quite blur.. MTIA. :tlaugh:
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    Perth Trip.

    hi everyone, it's my first visit to perth and will be going over next month. so my bf have his singapore cravings so want me to bring some food stuffs over there for him. so im just wondering what kinda food can bring over and what food best not to? cos i know the customs there quite strict...
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    hi, may i ask why is it that when we key in singular alphabets, it will show as a full word? cos there are some times when we need the the alphabet by itself yet it turns out to be the word n ppl dont get it. lemme quote an eg, like i wanted to purchase this item n its an item Y(alphabet). but...
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    hi mummies, wonder if any one of you mummies actually let ya kids learn skating/ rollerblading? well, cos my frens, they kinda teach ppl to rollerblade. mainly kiddos, but mummies r free to join in. they hv classes every weekend. its at pasir ris park though. well, pin is too young to...
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    Date again?

    do u date other men/women...? i mean, well, im currently in a r/s with another guy. n he's great. well ya...but in ya minds, do u think whether u can last n stuff? cos of ya kids mainly...?
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    was just u mummies/daddies still go clubbing n pubbing often? well, abt few weeks back, i started to go clubbing n pubbing with my old least once a week...but sumtyms i feel bad when i go cos like throw my baobei home let my parents take care n i go enjoy...but i...
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    food poisoning.

    hi mummies, my girl is starting on solids like, do baby get food poisoning??? like maybe the food nt clean or wad they consumed would we know if they got food poisoning?? any mummies hv this experience b4? TIA:wong19:
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    how to delete posts?

    say, if we accidentally repeat the same post, how do we delete them?
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    how to delete threads?

    hi, think i somehow accidentally started 2 of the same thread..hwo to delete one of it?? TIA.:shyxxx:
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    single mums!

    firstly, thanks edy for adding this section~ hehe...well, im considered a single mum ba...not married to dh yet...well hv a dd of 5 mths old...her name is kaipin~ :shyxxx: currently, me n dh's r/s oso abit shaky...haiz~ any other mummies?:tlaugh:
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    hi mummies, hv mentioned in the other forum, would like to organise a halloween party where we dress up our kiddos in cute costumes..:) halloween itself is on 30th October i think... which is on a maybe we can organise it on a weekend? maybe 27th/28th (sat/sun).. though still hv 2...