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    'Ayam masak merah'

    Hi to all malay mummies, been looking for the abv recipe s well s other malay recipes. Poss to share?
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    What were you working as before you became a SAHM and do you miss working?

    for myself, i was workin in the airport as a load control officer b4 i bcam a SAHM. Definately miss my friends and of course the pay at the end of the mth!
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    Itchy All over Body

    same same here wz my 1st pregnancy. Even at the hosp waitin to b induced i kept sneaking in to the toilet to apply prickly heat powder on my all reddish tummy when hubby was nappin. Its so unbearable!
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    ~ Low-Lying Placenta ~

    U r right dearie! Just take things easy and dont tired/exert yrself too much shud b ok. For me i shop too much the other time.. Anyway its too early to worry cause u just 12wks right? No matter what it is, the important thing is to look 4ward to your healthy bb!
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    ~ Low-Lying Placenta ~

    hI Izanyzam, I had the same complication the other time for my 2nd pregnancy. It is call placenta praevia aka low lying placenta. Mine was placenta praevia major meaning my placenta was coverin the opening of my cervix completely so bb definately cannot come out down there. It lasted the...
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    How to get rids of lizards??

    Try getting the lizard spray from Giant or some NTUC. It does not kill the lizard but its supposed to prevent the lizard from getting in meaning u have to spray all around the outside of windows, doors etc so that they wont b able to get in cos slippery to them hahaha. Sounds funny but it does...
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    Dr Yu Su Lin, SGH

    LOL!! We mummies can b so blur sotong @times hor?!
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    Dr Yu Su Lin, SGH

    Hahaha my EDD? Not planning for the momment lah! I mean Dr Yu was my gynae for my 2nd & 3rd pregnancy few years back. Me not preg now! haha!:werolleyes:
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    hot & cold water dispenser

    Hi hi! I just got the Advante H2o easy also abt 3wks ago. Didnt get any recommendation frm any mummies so just serve the net n try my luck on tis brand. U bought the easy range also?
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    Mother of 3

    Me also mother of 3 rascals. 1st wz 'hum chee pan' turnin 6 tis oct 2nd wz 'bird bird' turnin 4 tis may 3rd also wz 'bird bird' turnin 3 tis sep :001_302:
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    Dr Yu Su Lin, SGH

    Thats wat i like abt her! Always insisting on natural iso rushing for c-sect. She will also visit u at the ward after delivery even if u stay at the subsidised ward. Hmm.. probaly duhduh & jo'an can meet up n go chkup 2gether since both stayin in the west! haha
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    Dr Yu Su Lin, SGH

    Wat is the clomid for? U ask her? Thought supposed to let u kno wat is it for b4 askin u to take any med/vitamins! Anyway, u paying private rates for her service wat, ask her lots of questions/doubts to make yr waitin worth it lah! hee! Stil remember my husband always commented the other time...
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    Dr Yu Su Lin, SGH

    Ya agree tt she always busy every time i went to see her. Seems like she got alot of patients, not only preg ladies but also ladies who go for their yearly checkup or something. Wat med u supposed to take??
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    Dr Yu Su Lin, SGH

    Hi, she is my gynae for my 2nd & 3rd. In my opinion, she is very experienced & prefers to go natural, not rushing into things. Btw she is also the head of the dept.
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    which gynae is gd at c-section??

    Hi jaclyn, i also had an emergency c-sect for my 2nd in may 05 but only 16mths later in sep 06 i had natural birth for my 3rd. So dont wory u might not necc req c-sect unless wz complications. Jus enjoy yr pregnancy wen the time comes! Cheers!
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    Snack time at PCF (PAP nursery)

    Dont mind i side track abit.. How much is yr kid's PCF sch fees per mth? Mine $130 for both nursery (3hrs) & K2 (4hrs)
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    hot & cold water dispenser

    Thought of gettin one tt uses tap water. Any recommendations?
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    Snack time at PCF (PAP nursery)

    wah that means my kids very poor thing leh! their 'menu' @PCF Jalan Besar:- mon - biscuit tue - cheese bun wed - kaya bun thur - chocolate bun fri - biscuit
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    Great News

    If poss, plse add me in too tku!!