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    Gift Bag

    I did this simple little felt gift bag for my gal's friend's bday pressie (a book voucher). Tks for looking.
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    Recommendations for Cookbooks

    Do you have any to recommend pls, esp for Jap cusine? Would prefer those that really works. MTIA!
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    Teaching your Kids

    Just curious, what % of the teaching materials you use do you DIY? How much time do you spend teaching them? Do you draw up a timetable with specific activities for each week or do you play by ear? Do you have a fixed timing each day for the lessons?
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    Share your Kid's funny moments & the things they do

    Would you like to share share? I love hearing abt kids and the things they do. Start mine 1st.. My gal is very family oriented. She is the one who helps to make the beds for everyone at least 3 times each week. I love to talk to my son, anything under the sun. Don't know if he really...
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    Help! Bad headache & upset tummy

    What OTC drug can I take? I am allergic to Panadol so doc usu gives me Ponstan but I do not have that on hand now. No aspirin cos I am still breastfeeding.
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    Looking for...

    Round plastic blank tokens to be used as pretend coins. Any idea where I can find them? Tks!
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    Ikea's Children Bed

    Looking for feedback pls! I am thinking of getting an Ikea Children Bed with guardrail for my son (We co-sleep currently) due to space constraints. Are there any concerns? If not Ikea, which will you recommend and where can I get it? I do not want a Double Decker cos my 2 monkeys will surely...
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    How Many Kids Do You Want?

    How many kids would you want? I would like to have 3. My youngest is now coming to 1.5 yo, so contemplating if we shld go ahead and try for No. 3. I so miss the babyhood days
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    Preparation of Meat

    Just curious, if you buy raw meat home, do you mince the meat before you freeze it or do you freeze in chunks and mince after you thaw it subsequently? Is there any difference in taste?
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    SAHMs, at what age wld you send your preschooler to school? To playgrp/kindy or childcare? What is your budget? I am contemplating sending my younger boy at 18mths to the same CC my elder gal is attending now, but I might be quitting my job next year so am still wondering. The CC/schbus fares...