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    BB cream

    Read too many of the BB cream products liao.. till now, still don't know which brand to buy.. But faceshop one is out from my choice cos of the smell.. Does BB cream has fragrant? I prefer those w/o smell..
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    any courses for 3month old baby

    Pls don't be 5k parents lah...
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    Looking for phonics tutor

    I've enrolled my 2 daughters (7 & 5) to phonics lessons on every Sat (1&1/2hr) with $76 per month... Both had improved in reading & able to recognize words. My elder daughter making use of phonics to learn her spelling words & my youngest daughter is able to read simple & short storybooks...
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    What Moisturiser.....

    Thanks kyuden21.
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    Anyone signed up facial package with Citispa??

    Can compare Citispa & New York Skin Solution?
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    What Moisturiser.....

    Hi, pls email to me the catalogue, will pm u my email address.
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    Skincare regime

    Hihi, I'm also FTWM & also lazy when comes to facial...would like to find out more on what brand of the products you've used. What brand of the facial wash, toner, emulsion & essence you bought. Care to share how they helps your skin. Sames goes to the sleeping mask, what brand you have bought &...
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    Anyone signed up facial package with Citispa??

    I've intention in signing up for my facial treatment but not sure which to go to???
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    Oily Skin

    Re: IDee jewelry wholesale Hihi, so far any members here using Nelly's service? I'm looking for facial treatment then to daily use products since I'm not sure which products suit me the best.
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    wad Skin care r u using ?

    FANCL, I'm been thinking of trying this product on my oil, non-smooth with acne face.. Wondering does it helps? What products should I buy? Pls advise...
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    Do the schoolbag of your children be very heavy?

    But my dd likes it more than those normal bag. She said she would choose to use the SPI bag than those normal bag wor... I'm thinking of getting her another this kind of bag but must not too costly...
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    BF break/ coffee break?

    Same here, no kakis to go for the teabreak.. unless I go to other branch when despatching my documents there, there will be kakis around...
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    annual shutdown for christmas and NY

    Yes, in my current company, whatsoever shutdown, they will deduct our AL, thou is not our wish not to work, sounds unfair huh... Hey, wait a minute, I can't believe I'm working in an MNC company yet staff benefits sucks! (Despite of a few years survey had been done)
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    Kid telling LIES

    My elder dd will not tell lies. But my youngest dd, hmm, she started telling lies when she was 3 yo old.... And I can't do anything to make her tell the truth.. not even with encouraging words nor story of The Boy who Cried Wolf..
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    Do the schoolbag of your children be very heavy?

    I've a SPI bag free from my ex-colleague's SIL, she bought $99 many years ago.. not sure how good the bag is & I'm thinking of getting another 1 more as spare in case it gets wet during the raining day.. How abt other brand not so ex one..? heard there's a roadshow of school bag soon which costs...
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    Member's HOME Location

    mstan in Ang Mo Kio area.
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    Dark Eye Circle

    I've dark eye circle, any recommend products to reduce it? Anyone uses Bio-essence (the gold color one)..
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    Any HongKong Style Milk Tea Lovers here?

    I like the milk tea as well.. & unforgettable "Xu Liu Shan"..
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    swimming lesson

    Honestly speaking, is becos of the compulsory to attend swimming lesson in P3 drive me in wanting my elder daughter to learn how to swim 1st... My younger will start either next year or when she reaches k2..
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    Where can i have makeover for my gal for her k2 Ceremony

    Hi Michelle, saw your avatar, can side track abit? How much & where did your kids have their makeover? I'm thinking of letting my 2 daughters (age 6 & 4) or whole family to do a makeover.. care to share?