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    'Ayam masak merah'

    Hi to all malay mummies, been looking for the abv recipe s well s other malay recipes. Poss to share?
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    hot & cold water dispenser

    Thought of gettin one tt uses tap water. Any recommendations?
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    Best time to stop bottle & milk

    When is the appropriate time to stop a toddler from milk bottle as well as formula milk?
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    Hi, any of your darlings having astigmatism and reqd to wear glasses full time at this young age of 5??
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    What kind of phonics?

    Hi, any mummeis know what kind of phonics class is good for age 5? Is it letterland phonics/star phonics/jolly phonics or others? Am confused...Any advice?
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    Cooking beef

    Hi, any1 can share how to cook beef? Was told to use small flame wen cooking so tt the beef will not be tough but tender. Hv tried tis way but it didnt always turn out tender. Any advice plse?
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    Ready made paste

    Hi, any mummies here who like to use those ready made mix for cooking? Can share which brand & kind of mix which is tasty?
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    Fried Hokkien Mee

    1. Marinate prawns wz garlic powder & pepper. 2. Stir fry prawns wz oil till abt 70% cooked. 3. Toss in yellow noodles & laksa mee & stir fry for a minute. 4. Pour in chicken broth & a few dashes of fish sauce. 5. Cover and let it cook for a minute till steam gush out. 6. Crack in an egg...
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    Hi to all..

    Hi to all mummies out there! I am a 36yrs old housewife wz 3 kids age 2, 3 and 5. Stumble upon this site wen i was searching for a chocolate cake recipe a few months bac but paiseh hv nt tried the recipes or do any posting till date.. :shyxxx: