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    Any Mum & Dad From Indonesian

    Hello, all .. Me tooo !!! Indonesian converted to Singaporean (beccause of kids).. Me staying in the north.
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    Woodlands Mummies & Daddies

    I am at 865, just beside the evergreen secondary school.
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    Woodlands Mummies & Daddies

    please count me in, i am staying in woodlands st 83. Thank you
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    Pros and cons of living in woodlands.

    Hi, i just shifted to Woodlands st 83 too, may i know whick block are you? mine also EA. You can pm me if you dun mind. so happy to know there is someone stay near :P
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    MAid and bb only.

    Hi, tamarind. Thank you for the sharing. It is very clear in explaination.:tlaugh:
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    MAid and bb only.

    Agreed with vero after seen the news recently in TV. so scary.
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    Member's HOME Location

    Mickey Minnie - Woodlands
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    Any1 TTC for 2008 BB?

    hi, what is the spotting like? Mine just clear the menses (day 1 on 5 feb 2008), but now still have brown spot. What is the meaning? Thanks