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    My Super Sensitive, Oily & BIG pores face problem has cure liao!!!

    Hi mummies, I have very bad face condition. Used lots of brand product, went for facial with Dr Spa, Dr Haach, New York, neighbourhood facial shop but none can resolve my problem. Until my neighbor introduced me this Brand called Celavive. After 1time use i see my face glow now my red...
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    anyone heard of this diaper before? anyone heard before? they have individual pack which is good for us. Can share ?
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    Any transfer maid available? Can look after infant

    Anyone has Patience maid available for transfer? Please let me know her salary n reason why you end her contact. Thanks
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    Jaundice - HELP

    We are home on Monday with 9.8 jaundice for my BB. Confinment lady didn't bring her to sunshine on Mon,Tues and say no need use a kind of chinese herb what "yellow yi" on Wednesday went PD checkup, jaundice didn't go down but yet go up to 11+ from Thursday to Sunday nanny bring her to shine and...
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    Anyone tried before a confinment lady name ah Qing : 012-7356664

    Anyone try before? Dun mind share experience?
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    Need intro of camera to fix at home view maid

    Anyone can intro? I check before ADT but I dun like cause expensive I check farlin but my hubby say got wire he dun like I like cause only one time payment I check singtel need monthly payment but not very ex still acceptable n can talk using hp video call with the ppl at camera there...
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    List of GOOD & BAD confinment lady (mummy, if you have help input)

    I went to different post n accumulate to summarize good n bad confinment lady. Hope this way will be much easier for mummies who are looking for CL:Dancing_wub: Hope mummies can indicate their forum ID so that if others would like to know more about the CL they can PM you. :tlaugh: Currently...
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    Need Confinment lady for my 2nd kid, with big family/maid at home how should i arrang

    My EDD end Aug. My house has: My hubby My 3yr old son Mother in law Father in law Sister in law Maid Dog My previous confinment lady does the housework for me,hubby,bb and cook for my whole family(parent in law,sister in law, that time without maid) She's a patience lady but i don't like...
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    Any recommend on 2in1 - Washer with Dryer?

    I need to get a dryer but due to space constraint, i really don't have space even to stack up or put side by side so i have to change to a 2 in 1 washer with dryer. Any reco on which is good? Infact i saw one selling at Courts offer till end this month $999 it's Sanyo washer with dryer and...
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    Any good hairstylist to recommed in SengKang/Punggol or Hougang?

    I'm staying at Punggol and looking for a hair stylist permantly kind. But to find a stylist who is good,skillful is diffcult unless recommendation. I'm looking for one around Sengkang/Punggol or Hougang area and is good at cutting hair and the remonding or any other service is good. Care...
  12. yvonne_ktw

    Junior Schoolhouse at 266 Compassvale Bow or Faith at 201A or 260D?

    Junior Schoolhouse 266 Compassvale Bow, Singapore 540266‎ - 6489 0711‎ Faith Educare 201A Compassvale Drive #01-515 Tel: 6881975 OR 260D Sengkang East Way #01-468 Tel: 68814467 Currently my son is in Junior Schoolhouse since he's 4month old under the Infant section but the school says their...
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    Travel tips to Hong Kong

    Im going HK on 3/3/2010 to 9/3/2010. Can someone tell me the season there? and the cloths i can buy are for winter? like ppl say wat winter sales cause winter just over something like that de... Also, can someone advise cheap hotels? Actually i tell hubby say aiya, those 20+ or 30+ hotel can...
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    Any mummies keen in going to Boiler this Sat? 26th Dec

    Any mummies keen???
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    My 11month Old Son got Hand Food Mouth from infant care how to feedback?

    My Boi he's in infant care since he's 4month old till now 11month. Previously, 6month that time his school K2 class got 2-3kids got HFMD but i still let him go to school because infant class is an enclosed area and everything went well. About 8month my hubby kena HFMD also but he is also ok...
  16. yvonne_ktw

    Brough wrong milk powder... duno how...

    Can anyone advise? Need your advise. My boi now is 11month but i realize i gave him a Stage 1 Friso Milk powder just started on Saturday... so far nothing wrong. This stage 1 is at home and will take about 2times a day as he's in infant care and there still with Stage 2. Not long later...
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    Need intro on Birthday Cakes

    i found this webby: Haven Bakery but the fello not able to make any cakes on my boi's bday celebration. Hence, i've to look ard. I went to see E-creative but their fantastic cards are like expensive.... I went to search and found: A Little Taste of Heaven anyone tried before? Their cake nice...
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    Anyone used before the Himalaya Herbals Baby Cream?

    Hi, Anyone tried before? Is it for nappy rash?
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    How to start : Moon Rabbit Brand Si Sen Brown Rice Powder with Ginseng & Ikan Bilis

    Please advise me how to start... I just bought a box of above. BTW, anyone tried? Is it safe? I see the box like cheapo like that lea... My hubby insist buy the one with Ginseng.. Now buy liao but duno how to prepare and feed/start...
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    How many pcs of Diapers they change per day? Mine will leak,why?

    Hi Hi, Can share about how many pcs you all change per day? My boi 2mth plus abt 5-6pcs per day(base on 24hour time) My boi in Sarong his pamper will leak one. It leak on either side or the back. Like now i just let him try huggies dry comfort M size. Just now leak a little at the left of...