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  1. maltesefamily

    Playgroup for 21 mths in Bt Panjang

    Hi Mummies, Is there any good recommendation for playgroup in Bt Panjang area?? My DD is coming to 21 mths liao.. Tot of putting her in playgroup to let her learn more tings and to keep her occupied..
  2. maltesefamily

    Any Malay Massage lady to recommend??

    Hi Mummies, Do you have any good recommendation for Malay Massage lady?? What is the price like??
  3. maltesefamily

    Toddlers' beds and furnitures

    Hi mummies and daddies, Any idea where to get nice and affordable toddler's bed and furniture beside Ikea? Am tinking of getting them for my DD who is almost 17 mths now.. My 2nd one is due on April 08, tats y am tinking of training her to sleep alone in her room..
  4. maltesefamily

    Any mummies try Medela Breast pump before??

    Hi, I heard from my friends tat Medela breast pump is good.. Any mummies try it before?? My frd oso mentioned tat they offer rental service of the pumps as well.. Is it true??
  5. maltesefamily

    URGENT!!! Support & Advice Needed

    I'l like to share my ordeal wth u n hopefully get some advice n support...I have a 15 mth old daughter, and currently pregnant wth my 2nd child (15 wks). I brought my 15 mth old daughter to cck polyclinic for her scheduled MMR jab on 27th oct 07. somehow, d jab was not taken, due to that...
  6. maltesefamily

    Help!! Any experienced maid ready for immediate transfer??

    Hi mummies & daddies, I am urgently needing a maid that are immediately available for transfer to look after my one yr old DD and 6 dogs (Maltese) I am currently having an Indo maid, wages at $280 with one off day.. (But will not giving off day to the new maid) Tinking of changing her coz...
  7. maltesefamily

    Any mummmies or daddies from Bt Panjang

    :Dancing_wub::Dancing_wub:Any muumies or daddies from Bt Panjang?? I am staying at Senja Road :Dancing_wub::Dancing_wub: