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  1. pkshl

    Baby refused to sleep at night!

    lately my 6mth old gal refused to sleep at night. every night at 9pm after milk she will sleep, den wake up 1hr later, after that she will refuse to sleep, no matter how we coax or pat her to sleep, she refuses to sleep! we tried smoothing music but useless, she gets more awake, massage her also...
  2. pkshl

    baby refuse to drink milk

    my 5mths old baby has been refusing to drink milk for past few days. we had no choice but to force feed her to drink milk. but sometimes she will refuse to drink & will cry/scream if we force her again. but she does not reject water, will keep drinking. my mil brought her to doc, he said nothing...
  3. pkshl

    Can baby still take 6-in-1 vaccine?

    hi mummies, need yr advice pls. my baby is coming 4mths this wkend, we had brought her for her 6-in-1 first jab last night @ GP but he said my baby cannot take the 6-in-1 because she is supposed to take at 1.5mth. We told the GP the reason we had delayed was because my baby kept falling...
  4. pkshl

    anyone experienced on & off fever in small children?

    my 2yr old boy has fever on off since yesterday afternoon. but evening time his temperature went up to 39.8deg, upon reaching kkh, his temperature was 40.1 deg. he was brought in immediately for treatment & blood test to find out what was causing the high fever, but blood test result came out...
  5. pkshl

    Does yr older child visit u @ hospital after u gave birth?

    Hi mummies, after you gave birth & stayed @ hospital, does yr hubby bring yr older child to visit you & also see their younger sibling? As im due mth end, my MIL does not allow my son to go hospital to see me. she said hospital alot of virus & even said during my stay at hospital, my son will...
  6. pkshl

    Sore throat during pregnancy, what to drink to ease the pain?

    im currently in my 3T, suddendly having sore throat, pain when swallow. is there any herbal drinks i can take?
  7. pkshl

    Tightness @ tummy , breathless sometimes, normal?

    lately i felt tightness at tummy area, iszit tummy stretching? sometimes will feel breathless too, normal?
  8. pkshl

    bunk children's bed

    hi mummies, anyone know where to get this type of children's bunk bed? or anyone currently using them? can sleep until how old?
  9. pkshl

    When did you start your maternity leave?

    hi mummies, when do you start your maternity leave? my EDD is end march but now ive been taking leave on off due to backaches, breathless & mild contractions+ swollen leg. i juz wondering if i should take maternity 2 weeks leave earlier ?
  10. pkshl

    is it normal for baby to move alot in 3T?

    im currently 31weeks today. lately been having backaches, braxton hicks contractions & also baby is moving alot, quite violent at times too! the way she move around in my tummy sometimes feel pain for me. And also sometimes at night she move so much i cant sleep until abt 1-2am in the morning...
  11. pkshl

    Is backache normal at 30+weeks?

    ive been having backaches near the waist there these few days. is this normal? my mum told me to be careful cos for her, backaches means baby is coming...:embarrassed: is it alright to eat some watermelon & honeydew now?
  12. pkshl

    Swollen leg?

    any mummies experience swollen leg? my leg right felt swollen last night, i thought i did not drink enough water, so i drank quite a bit, this morning i don't feel the swell on my right leg, or iszit walk too much? some ppl say if legs swollen for few days den suddendly go down means going to...
  13. pkshl

    Sticky toddler

    my 18mth old boy is very sticky to my hubby. At home & outside, when he cant see my hubby, he will cry nonstop until my hubby appear. If only i bring my boy out without my hubby, if he cant see me, he will cry nonstop too. is this a growing phrase? i had enrolled my boy for fulltime CC when he...
  14. pkshl

    At what age does yr child sleep on his/her own bed?

    my son is 18mths+. currently he's sleeping on a mattress on the floor. but his sleeping position is so unpredictable sometimes he can roll off the mattress & when he roll off the mattress he will wake up & cry. once he even roll off & bump his head on the floor. i was thinking should i get a...
  15. pkshl

    Should go childcare earlier?

    im pregnant with my no.2 & will be due early april next yr. ive enrolled my no.1 to attend fullday childcare, actually had planned to let him start in June next year. But i was advised by family & relatives to let my son start earlier so that he can get used to the surrounding. (my maternity...
  16. pkshl

    Normal or abnormal?

    hi mummies, i need advise pls. i always feel baby kicks near to vagina area, is this normal? why kick so low? sometimes feel like gg to drop out!:elvis: & I duno iszit baby sitting at my bladder because even after I just visited the toilet, I still want to pee! Is it because my baby is...
  17. pkshl

    How often will baby kick & move?

    im in my 18week. On & off i can feel my baby moving/small kicks but sometimes dun feel baby moving much, like sometimes i dun feel movement/kicks for 1-2 day. is this normal? am quite worried. & tummy feels tight now...sometimes feel breathless...
  18. pkshl

    Can feel baby heartbeat by placing hand on tummy?

    i wonder if its possible to feel baby's heartbeat by placing my hand on my tummy? but i duno is that my own heartbeat or baby's heartbeat? ystd morning while sleeping, my son kick on the left side of my tummy den last night while changing diaper for my son i felt a sudden pain(like big...
  19. pkshl

    Anyone experienced discharge leakage?

    has any mummies here experienced discharge leakage by itself? this afternoon i was in office sitting down & when i stand up i felt that my skirt was wet, den i saw my seat was also wet, a big round patch. horrified, i quickly walked to the toilet to check, i was so worried, i thought my...
  20. pkshl

    Can take panadol when pregnant?

    ive been having headache since sat, dare not take panadol but until today still having headache, so wondering can i take panadol?