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  1. Amulet

    EDD Oct 2013

    Hi ladies! I just got my BFP 3 days back, 2 days before my menses is due! Haven't seen a gynae yet, but EDD should be in early Oct.. Anyone around the same EDD? :001_302:
  2. Amulet

    Daytime Confinement Nanny Service

    Sorry ladies Had stopped providing CL services.
  3. Amulet

    Defamation against masayuki

    Predator Lurking Around In Forum. Don't Know Where To Get Help - Flowerpod Forums - Beauty, Makeup, Skincare, Health, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Love & Relationships dear mommies who knows masayuki in real life.. we knows who he's like in real.. maybe we can speak up a word or two for him?
  4. Amulet

    iPhone-Free Tozzle Lite

    It's a puzzle apps for toddlers.. my girl love it so much that i upgraded to the paid one.. it's simple and interactive.. u can also change the setting to suit ur baby's age..
  5. Amulet

    Children Gymnastic

    i'm thinking of sending my 2 yr old DD to children gymnastic.. any recommandation from mommies? Have anyone tried Edufarm's Star Tots Gym?
  6. Amulet

    Are you ashame that u are a single mother?

    i'm not.. but obviously, some people think we should be ashame of ourselves.. Liberal? Or ######? - Flowerpod Forums - Beauty, Makeup, Skincare, Health, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Love & Relationships
  7. Amulet

    Swimming after ceasarean

    girls~ how long do u wait until after ur c-sec be4 u go swimming? after confinement can ma? the water will go in ma? :nah:
  8. Amulet

    how to up the milk supply?

    haiz.. moms... 2 days ago, i was facing engorgement.. i don dare to pump out, coz was feeding on demand, thn scare later over production... but after that day, my breast are so soft since yesterday and today.. whn i squeeze, there is milk comin out.. but the breast is so super soft lo.. thn in...
  9. Amulet

    Baby Darrielle is here!

    24th Mar: got checkup with Dr. Ang.. he did scanning and mentioned tat amniotic fluid level is low, baby should be out liao.. but i wasn't havin any contractions or passed the mucus plug, totally no sign of labour, so Dr. Ang ask me to consider inducing.. I agreed on the spot as i was already...
  10. Amulet

    Confinement Food for C-sec moms

    Dear all, wat food should a mom avoid during confinement be4 her wound heals huh? chicken? eggs? anyone knows the reason?
  11. Amulet

    Dr Lawrence Ang from Thomson Women's Clinic @ Sunplaza

    Hi~ I'm visiting Dr. Lawrence Ang now.. wondering any moms goin to him also? or any moms used to go to him? Surpised to see no thread on him as he was quite raved at other forums.. haha.. :Dancing_wub: