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  1. Pink daisy

    Marrying Foreign Wives

    You take the word out of my tongue. We're almost exactly on the same boat. May I also add that the environment for upbringing plays biggest part in an individual traits. It's about how you've groomed & what you regard as priorities in your life. Fate do have its portion in marriage, but I...
  2. Pink daisy

    Air fare

    depends on the airline, for budgets usually charge 30-40% frm adults while others can be up to 70%; with no seat or baggage allocation
  3. Pink daisy

    dr benjamin tham wai lum

    Congratz chn 81! He's my doc too, he's good & patient
  4. Pink daisy

    Do you bind your tummy if you have a C-section?

    Me oso no massage ointment or jamu...just plain binder that I put on religiously...actually the first few weeks of binding is enough..but me is a kiasu case :Dancing_tongue:
  5. Pink daisy

    Do you bind your tummy if you have a C-section?

    Mine is very similar to this, it's my mom bought it for me.: Medela Postpartum Support
  6. Pink daisy


    I walk and swim my way up to 7 months plus.. (with alot of stares when I dive the pool) Just take it easy, it mean for keeping fit and leisure not competing :Dancing_tongue:
  7. Pink daisy

    What makes u decide to be a SAHM and any regrets?

    Can't have it all lah :tlaugh: Or perhaps yes, but definitely with lesser 'desirable' outcome :wink: know what I mean?! The greatest challenge of being a mother is to learn making sacrifices. In the end, you need to sit down and discuss with ur hubby (or whoever you'll share ur responsibility...
  8. Pink daisy

    creams for stretch marks

    It's good stuff but if am not mistaken elancyl products do not cater for preggie women, pls check? I think it mostly depends on each skin elasticity....i apply after baths day & nite (using vichy that time) afterwards n still use the body shop body butter on top of's been fine & glowing...
  9. Pink daisy

    Chinese Gender Calendar

    May I know which calendar u're referring to :ttongue: Want to start planning as soon as my period back :Dancing_tongue:
  10. Pink daisy

    Do you bind your tummy if you have a C-section?

    U mean binder got the massage one? like OSIM? :err: Mine is just normal wrap....
  11. Pink daisy

    Do you bind your tummy if you have a C-section?

    Thanks :shyxxx: mine is wrap (i found girdle too troublesome leh) It's most irritating period coz i feel v much strained, but it's v important period to push back ur figures
  12. Pink daisy

    Do you bind your tummy if you have a C-section?

    For my case 3 days after my C-sect I put on the binder, (all day, only takes off when sleeping) for 1.5 full months
  13. Pink daisy

    What to give my 11mths baby overseas?

    For breaky can bring an avocado/bananas (to mix with nestle/frisocream) whilst for lunch & dinner can order from hotel/restaurant, plain porridge (no msg & salt) with shreded chicken and egg yolk (if possible some veggies) sprinkled with spring onions. Tell them it's for babies so taste is...
  14. Pink daisy

    Baby refuse formula milk

    Same case mine's too, so you have to spoon-fed the fm to her My bb can drink water & juice from glass and spout as well as straws but when it comes to fm he's zipping his mouth, but when I spoon fed him (and put him on some entertainment :001_302:) only he wants to open his mouth Frisocream...
  15. Pink daisy


    My advice is to keep at it! Let your bb latch on n suck. It may take a while to regulate supply, but babies are the best n natural stimulator for breast milk. Using pump is suggested to regulate BM better or fr storage purpose, but most pumps could not properly empties boobies (one must use...
  16. Pink daisy

    Disposable Diapers - Pls share your experiences

    Yep I totally agree. But I strongly dun advise mummies out there to use drypantz Ting: Is pin wearing glasses? or izit urs :err:
  17. Pink daisy

    Birth Cert

    It can be extended to 1.5 mth (like my case) coz we're looking fr chinese nm /geomancy for bb that time :Dancing_tongue: The fee if am not mistaken is ard 20bucks But it's better this way rather than making amendments later on, coz ICA'll charge you 100 dollars plus for it
  18. Pink daisy


    yea but I's rather engage contractor based on recommendation :Dancing_wub:
  19. Pink daisy

    Does breast feeding really help to slim down

    You bet! I weight 7kgs lesser than before pregnant. But the most wonderful thing is that I can afford to eat most of the things and burn many cals still :Dancing_tongue: Tummy is back to norm in abt 3 wks after birth hee..