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  1. priscilla

    Where to get the cheapest new Medela pump?

    If you buy online through spree, direct import from US is cheaper but no warrantly.
  2. priscilla

    any aust mummies?

    Hi I live in Aussie with dh but I am back for my delivery due to some complication and my family advised me to be back here for delivery. Will be returning to Oz in Jan together with my bb and older boy.
  3. priscilla

    EDD on July

    My EDD is 2nd Aug but baby decided to come 3 weeks earlier on 12 July. I have like another 1.5kg to lose, I will be back to pre-preggie weight and can fit into my pants already.
  4. priscilla

    EDD in Aug 09?

    My baby's EDD was 2nd Aug but he came 3 weeks earlier in Jul.
  5. priscilla

    Sleep deprieved and going bonkers soon.

    At least, your husband can help in the evening. I am staying at my mum's place now coping with my 6 years old and my baby. My husband has returned to Sydney, good thing is my mum helps here and then. Back in Sydney, I will be coping with everything on my own. Just take a thing at a time, that's...
  6. priscilla

    How many bb girls & boy in 2009?

    I have given birth to a baby boy on 12 July 2009. (He came 3 weeks earlier).
  7. priscilla

    How long did you TTC before you strike?

    Just sharing, #1 strike during our first try. For my present pregnancy took us 4 years and we strike after I start on blackmore preconception multi-vits, also we give up on taking temperature and charting and allow nature to take its course. We are thankful for a lot of our friends and my family...
  8. priscilla

    Any good lady OB (Mount E) to recommend?

    We were with Dr Kek Ley Phin, very motherly. She is operating as a private OB/GY at Mt E Medical Centre and only delivery at Mt. E. You can check her out.
  9. priscilla

    Im pregnant

    Thank you everyone. Just wondering whether any mummy here has given birth in Sydney and know the procedure. We are outstationed so no planning to return to Singapore for birth as my boy is in school and we do not want to disrupt that.
  10. priscilla

    Im pregnant

    We just found out we are pregnant with #2 this morning.
  11. priscilla

    whr to get sea band in singapore?

    You can get them from the pharmacy.
  12. priscilla

    what factors will you consider to choose a primary school?

    1. The distance 2. The CCA and special programmes 3. The school reputation, the students and the staff We have choose a school near our place in Singapore which I have visited and currently doing my pv even overseas and over here in Australia, I have visited the school, talked to the staff and...
  13. priscilla

    my son says he wants to quit school

    When we were in Singapore, my boy has a terrible experience too and got so frightening of going to school as he was hit by a old lady when he went to press the button for the traffic light and her grandson made noise. I think the good part was I witnessed the whole incident and confronted the...
  14. priscilla

    Looking for phonics tutor

    You can also used Learn to Read at Starfall - teaching comprehension and phonics for phonics and use the ordinary parent's guide to teaching reading. It is a phonics programme.
  15. priscilla

    Hw shld I sound out?

    Just tell her straight face to face. It is your house and you have the right to set the rules.
  16. priscilla

    Banned China made food products

    Hope the list given in the above post is useful.
  17. priscilla

    Banned China made food products

    Got this from a friend, 香港检测的 不合格名单 Sample 樣本名稱 Manufacturer’s name & address 製造商名稱及地址 1 . KLIM Instant Full Cream Milk Powder (1.8 kg) 克寧即溶奶粉 ( 淨重 : 1.8 千克 ) Manufacturer: Nestle Shuangcheng Ltd. Address: Friendship Road , Shuangcheng City , Heilongjiang Province, PRC 2. Nestle Carnation...
  18. priscilla

    2009 PSLE Maths Paper

    Hi You can use Fabian Ng Challenging Maths Problem Sum. Simon Eio's step to Step Maths (He has been teaching Gifted Programme for many years.) If you need helps to solve problem sums, private message me (pm) . I can help and solve those problems. I am a trained teacher on overseas leave.
  19. priscilla

    Drop me baby dust

    Drop me some baby dust too. We are also trying for #2.
  20. priscilla

    Maths in primary school are not easy

    You can checkout Popular bookstore (not all carry them) or Amazon. It comes in a CD, just songs and a write and wipe book.