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  1. Pink daisy


    Hi, Am planning to do a reno for my 2 toilets. Anybody care to help recommend me a good contractor? As well as places to get a reasonable and quality WC, sinks & tiles... Cheers!
  2. Pink daisy

    Chinese Gender Calendar

    Is it really true that the success rate of the above is high? I have a few of friends that confirms the validity, but I hope to sought more opinions :Dancing_tongue:
  3. Pink daisy

    Poo Pattern

    my ds has not been passing motion for almost 72hrs now. he's fully breastfed and on 3xmeals, is any mommies experiencing the same thing? He's usually pooped everyday or within 48 hrs. Just recently the pattern starts to change. Just wondering is if it's still okay...
  4. Pink daisy

    Getting pregnant while breastfeeding?

    Any mum experiencing the above? Coz generally fully bf mom will not get her period after a year or so. Any mommies care to share their experiences? Also, what are the tell tale signs, and how do you come to realize when you gettin' preggy again
  5. Pink daisy

    "My Perfect Child"

    Anybody seen "My Perfect Child" @ CNA on Tuesday 7.30PM? It's intriguing to know how far parents would go distance and invest (both time n monies) to 'mould' their child into perfection. Not only Shichida, but many other early enrichments programmes seem to race to catch up the hypes... I...
  6. Pink daisy

    Do you circumcise your boy?

    To mommies out there, Just wondering is there's anyone of you who's having your baby boy circumcise (either for health or religion reason)? If so, please let me know your reasons for having them so, thanks!