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  1. DymKoh

    Edd march 2012

    last see my gynae was when im week6.. next appt is next week and its my week12.. i guess every gynae has their own reason for doing so.
  2. DymKoh

    annual shutdown for christmas and NY

    Me in JP MNC..they do have something like block leaves..which we called forced to take leave..about 3times per year..
  3. DymKoh


    Veronica - Ya. its good to work alone. but like me, u haf to find some entertainment.. January84 - JiaYou~ One Bb Verris is getting on my nerves~
  4. DymKoh


    I work alone.. :) all of them at level 7 n me level 1.. SHIOK~ No need to see the FAAs FAT A** AUNTIES~ Hee~ wont be much jobs for me too badtzz - Congratz!! January84 - 2nd one on the way? :)
  5. DymKoh

    Dr Lawrence Ang from Thomson Women's Clinic @ Sunplaza

    I was c sectioned by Dr Ang! I will still go to him when i want to haf another one even though ITS V FAR~ Hahaha
  6. DymKoh

    Member's HOME Location

    me - Ubi/BRR :)
  7. DymKoh

    August 2007 Mummies/daddies

    Edd 14Aug07 Forced to come out on 14Aug07 Haha.. Can i include myself? Im Aug baby too! Oops~
  8. DymKoh


    Simple job! Receptionist cum Admin. Boring job thats y need some entertainment~ Hee~
  9. DymKoh


    Hi Joanna! Same same! :) Aug baby? Hmm..
  10. DymKoh


    Hi dears~ Im just a normal FTworkin mama with a 13months++ Bb Girl.. :) Wish to kill some time in office and of cos know some mummies!!! :)