1. G

    Breastfeeding Week event for NUH mummies (25 Aug)

    Hi Ladies, I'd delivered in NUH in Feb this year and am keen to go to this event. Any other mummies who are keen to go and have some fun with the little one? Go here for details >> Breastfeeding Week 2012
  2. dinida

    any breastfeeding mommies planning to fast this coming Ramadhan?

    Hi mommies out there, Just want to know if any of you planning to fast this coming ramadhan and are breastfeeding. Did you prepare anything? Please share with me :) I am currently bf my 7th month old boy, this will be the first time i encounter ramadhan when bfing. So I want to be prepared, in...
  3. elaine01

    BMSG 2012 series workshops

    DON'T WAIT UNTIL YOUR BABY IS BORNTO LEARN THE ART & SCIENCE OFBREASTFEEDING Join us for our 2012 Workshops! (Schedule subject to change, pleaseemail to confirm) Duration 1.5 hours per session Venue: SCWO Centre, 96 Waterloo Street Series I Series II Series III...
  4. M


    Hi dear fellow mommies :) I used to be home-based studio Family/Kids' Photographer, The MKJ Photography. MKJ was named under my blog's title, Mommy . Kids . Joys. :) I'm also a mom of three boys. Eldest will be in P4 next year, younger will be in P1 and youngest one in K1. Time flies!! Had...
  5. A

    Help lump found during breastfeeding!

    Hello all mummies out there, i need some help. have you all ever found a hard lump in your breasts? I am still breastfeeding, but i am sure this isnt a milk lump, as even though ive fed my baby from this side of the breast for afew feedings, and she has drained all the milk clumps, the lump is...
  6. B

    Support/social groups in Singapore

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know of any nice support groups for mothers and babies in Singapore? I'm looking for a social or support group to meet other mums. I'm a British PR, mum to a new baby, based in the north of Singapore. Thank you! :001_302:
  7. elaine01

    BMSG 2011 Series II workshop

    Breastfeeding 101 – Being Prepared: 2nd April 2011, 1pm - 2.30pm This workshop covers the benefits of breastfeeding to the baby and mother, how baby gets breast milk, preparations for breastfeeding, breast changes, food to avoid, latching and positioning, husband's support, etc. The Critical...
  8. elaine01

    Brestpal @ Yew Tee CNY Party!

    It's the Chinese Lunar New Year again! This year, we've decided to throw a party @ Yew Tee for new parents, families with babies & children to this party. We chat, we share about breastfeeding, parenting & we have makan too! Interested parties may text me with your details @ 97640231 or email to...