chinese new year

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    Looking for a new door? Laminate door have a wide selection of doors for HDB / BTO / Condo

    Laminate Door Supplies HDB Fire Rated Main Door, Mild Steel/Wrought/Metal Gate, Bedroom Door, Toilet Door, Digital Door Locks & Mattress in Singapore. Get inspired with our beautiful front main door designs. From modern to traditional, there are nearly unlimited front door ideas to get your...
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    Confinement Food Delivery Singapore

    Looking for Singapore confinement food during Chinese New Year? Tian Wei Signature is now open booking for Chinese New Year 2019 EDD Mummies. Top up only $288 for dual packages and $168 for single packages for CNY! Call in for more info for Chinese New Year package and enjoy your confinement...
  3. B

    What should a single mom get ready for CNY?

    Hi All, I am an unwed mother to a 19 month old toddler. I m still deciding if I should stay in Singapore during the CNY. 1) some relatives still dont know that I had a son out of a wedlock, saves my family the explaining. 2) should I give 'ang pows' since my son is receiving them? So if I...
  4. V

    Book Your Spring Cleaning Session for CNY Today! CAll NOW!

    CHINESE NEW YEAR IS AROUND THE CORNER..! Important Facts: Sweeping and cleaning is usually prohibited during the Chinese New Year. It is said that when you clean, you will tend to sweep away all your luck. Hence, people usually do not clean their house even if it's dirty during the...