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    Research participants needed (1hr interview) NTUC vouchers rewarded

    Hi all! I am currently working for a research company and we are seeking research participants on the viability of a new business. We are looking for parents who had sent/ are currently sending their children for tuition classes. Please proceed to fill up this quick survey form if you are...
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    3D Animation

    Dear all, I am Jane Chloe, mother of 2 kids age 11 and 14. Both my kids are recently very keen on learning 3D animation. Is this common in Singapore? Where can I find such courses in here and is this suitable for kids to learn such skills at their ages? Thanks
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    P5/P6 Small Group English Tuition@Jurong West

    - Experienced and Motivating Ex Teacher - Conducive Environment - Specially Selected Learning Materials - Proven Track Record - Affordable Rates - Visit us @ http://www.aatuition.com/group-tuition Call 92386781 to reserve a slot for your child.
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    Creative crafting and art class for June holidays

    Adventure Art Workshops (2016 June Holidays) Inspire your child's development with our themed crafting workshops! www.creativejuicebox-sg.com info@creativejuicebox-sg.com I am a Jungle Safari Ranger Let your child role play a jungle safari...
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    June Holiday Fencing Program (7-12 years old)

    Hi, just want to share a holiday fencing program specially designed for primary school children who want to learn this thrilling sport. Fencing has many benefits for children such as developing a strong physique, gaining agility, improving coordination, sharpening strategic thinking and many...
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    Good School Learning Hub

    Mr Zhang from Good School Learning Hub shared an article titled: "Is having tuition a bad thing And how to know what is right for my child" Click on the link below to find out more. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ip4s4ajjtti2ir9/Good%20School%20Learning%20Hub.pdf
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    Enrichment classes for science

    Hi all, does anyone know of any interesting enrichment classes for primary school students? especially for Science.. my kid has seemed to lose interest in Science.. trying to steer away from tuition classes as it just seem to worsen the situation.. thanks in advance for any input of ideas
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    Enrichment Classes in Singapore

    Hi mummies, My daughter is currently doing a project on enrichment courses in Singapore. Could you help her do this survey? Thank you! :001_302: Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software