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    Hi, anyone sign up with Singapore Star-tutors before? Share review please

    Hi all, I am looking to hire tutors for my niece, P1 to brush up her chinese language skills. Saw Star-tutors https://star-tutors.org/ with quite good reviews. Any parents sign up for any courses with Star-tutors before? Do share some reviews and how it works. I email them but no reply :(...
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    Good tuition recommendation for all mummies

    Hi, I am a mum of three kids doing my own business as a Tuition Agency, I help parents to get the most suitable and best match tutors. I will help you to get the most suitable tutor to your place for 1 to 1 home tuition. All subjects are available. Let me know your location and which level. I...
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    Do you know your child’s Learning Style?

    It is important to know how your child learns. Each child learns differently. Learning style refers to how someone can process and comprehend information in the most effective manner. Spot your child’s learning style now! Visual Spatial Learning Style They learn best through what they see...
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    I do my best to match ur best needs & budget for a home tutor *84848362

    Hi all, Im a mum doing as a tuition agency. I do my best to match ur best budget & needs. Interested pls whatsapp/Sms/call 84848362 Thank u