1. S

    Brand New Authentic Disney Mickey Blue 6 pcs pieces Baby infant Comforter bumper set

    Hi, Selling a brand new authentic Disney - Mickey theme - Blue colour 6 piece Baby infant child toddler Comforter Set. Comprise of Fitted Sheet, Comforter, Cot Bumper (2 pcs), Pillowcase with fill, Bolster with fill. If interested, please contact me at 97271888 selling other design as well.
  2. Honeyfiedcherry

    WTS BN Cot Mattress Cover (Pink)

    Hi mummies, Am selling off my brand new Cot mattress cover in Pink from Ikea . Bought on 23/11/2012 for $12.90 for 2 pieces . Am selling only one piece for $5 with postage . Still in packaging . Email for details .
  3. 1

    WTS: Medela Swing (still very new condition)

    sold................ sold..................
  4. P

    WTS: Preloved Baby High-Chair Infant Rocker

    Hi hi, I have the following preloved High Chair Infant Rocker Bed (similar to Combi high chair) for sale. Suitable for baby from birth. Can be used as a Daybed, Rocker, High chair & Booster chair Seat angle adjustments (from flat to upright) Able to swing back and forth, Washable Seat cover...
  5. S

    Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Infant Car Seat - Geranium - Baby NEW for sale

    hi, i am selling a new brand new Red Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Infant Car Seat - Geranium - Baby Car seat at $180.Interested, pls call 97271888 to deal. thanks.
  6. K

    WTS - Haenim Play Pen / Play Yard

    The brightly coloured Haenim play yard includes: 1 door panel (with integrated double lock device); 1 activity panel; and 2 plain panels. Selling @ $80. Condition is as good as new!
  7. K

    WTS - Lamaze Playhouse Gym

    The Lamaze Playhouse Gym has four unique play modes with bright attractive colours and pictures: lay and play for newborn; tummy time; sit and play; and a soft playhouse for role-playing. Gym mat is reversible and has discovery activities. Additional activities include lights and music...
  8. D

    WTS Baby Infant Anti Roll Body Pillow

    Baby Infant Anti Roll Body Pillow ($8.90 $28.00) - Registered Postage @ $3.25 Product size: 180x110x70mm Details: 1) Easy to use and wash. 2) Specially designed to prevent infant baby turn/move their head, not to give infant baby cervical oppression. 3) Allows for maximum breath-ability...
  9. B

    BABYSITTER with more than 10 years EXP available near admiralty MRT

    HI mummies! I'm helping my mum post her job offering as a babysitter. She has over 10 years of experience and has taken care of 12 babies throughout the whole period. Our house is pets-free, smokers-free and maintained extremely clean and hygienic (you will see when you come over for an...
  10. M

    baby poop!!?

    Hey mummies, My bb is 13 weeks old n is having very very mild flu. Abit of sneezing n cough. And today i noticed tt her poop is very diferent from normal poops!!!! Hers is abit watery mustard poops with sticky white cuddles. Have u all seen anything like tt before?? I am abit worried!!! Or...
  11. M

    black specks/treadlike poop in 2mth old..

    Help!! I just wanted to change my bb's diaper n found some black specks n tread like thing in my bb's poop (standard yellow watery stuff)!! Checked online, they said it's the banana! But my bb is 100% bf n is only 2 month old. I din take bananas too... My mom said because she was startled...
  12. advertisingsbiz

    Metro Infant Fair now till 7 Oct 2012 (with free goodies bag & milk powder $50 spent)

    Details: SG Sale | Events: Metro Baby Infant Fair 28 Sept to 7 Oct 2012 ♥ Like us HERE in Facebook to be updated on latest sales & events in Singapore ♥
  13. C

    Babysitter near Queen street (bugis) needed in July 2011

    Looking for a baby sitter to bring my 4 MO son to for infant care during working hours. Must be in the queen st bugis or Waterloo street area in central Singapore or thereabouts. Please PM me or SMS me at 90264804 with details. Thank you!