1. ReadToMeSG

    Reading to Young Children - A Dialogue Session With AECES

    Panel speakers, Charmaine and Jane from AECES, will address issues that parents face when reading with young children. They will share their personal experiences with young children and answer pertinent questions with regard to home literacy practices. With the belief that children are made...
  2. ReadToMeSG

    Free storytelling workshop with $30 book bags to be given

    Dear parents, Here's your chance to attend a fun and exciting storytelling workshop with your preschool children! This workshop is by Fleur De Vella, author of best-selling children's book 'Afternoon Tea at Raffles Hotel' and by children's book publisher Denise Tan. It will an afternoon of fun...
  3. H

    VTECH Touch & Learn Storytime with 4 books $15

    VTECH Touch & Talk Storytime with 4 books $15. All lights & sounds working, only that it can't detect the last page of every book, unless u know how to fix it. Not for fussies.* Other available items: Brand new: Tommee Tippee Travel Warmer $35 (Includes a thermos & 'container' to fill...
  4. P

    Survey for parents with kids aged 6 to 8.

    Hi all the mummies, we are students from a local polytechnic and currently doing on our Final Year Project which is related to kids aged 6 to 8. Would be very grateful if you could spare a short few minutes of your time to help out us out because this means so much to us! Here is the link to...