3 in 10 young Singaporeans worry about ‘losing purpose for living’ due to Covid-19 impact: IPS study

SINGAPORE — As normalcy gradually returns, the Covid-19 pandemic has left at least three in 10 Singaporeans in their 20s worried about losing their purpose for living, triple the proportion of those aged above 60 who feel this way, a study has found.

This is given the disruptions caused by the pandemic to much of what these young people consider important and gives them purpose, said lead Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) researcher, Dr Mathew Mathews.

“This includes travelling both for leisure and job opportunities or training and socialising,” he added.

“While some have suggested that the young do better during the pandemic because they are digital natives and have no problems with adapting to new work routines which leverage on information technology, we may forget that they might be affected in other (aspects) of life.”

The study, released on Monday (April 26) and conducted by IPS researchers, surveyed more than 500 Singaporeans aged 21 years and above between April 2020 to March this year. The polls were done in 22 waves — that is, the respondents were questioned periodically 22 times.

Around 31 per cent of respondents aged 21 to 29 were “rather” or “very worried” about losing their purpose for living as compared with only 11 per cent of those aged 60 and above.

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