6 Reasons Why WE Are Able To Improve Your Child's Results!

Our Curriculum

1:6 (Teacher-Student Ratio)

Nanyang Educational Consultancy offers a unique learning environment; one built upon a 1 tutor to 6 students classroom framework to better cater to your child's learning needs. Your child's academic needs will then be better addressed as the tutor's attention could be better provided to your child.

Tuition Bundle

Nanyang Educational Consultancy offers a unique tuition program called the Tuition Bundle that provides a platform for your child to receive sufficient academic help in their studies. This program runs daily and your child can come down after school to receive guidance for their everyday schoolwork as well as to receive extra supplementary to improve their understanding of their daily learning in school. No child deserves to be left behind in their learning.

PSLE/ O-levels Preparatory Classes

We also prepare students for their national examinations by equipping them with crucial examination skills in tackling challenging examination questions. Our tutors teach students PSLE Mathematics problem solving strategies and techniques, strategies to getting A* in the PSLE Science papers, A-levels and O-levels Subject concept drills and provide useful techniques that schools may not provide in answering questions and remembering concepts. The tutors also provide forecasting of Examination Questions.

Our Benefits

Motivational Programme

All of us believe that motivation plays a very important part in each and every student's curriculum performance. Therefore, we embrace and exercise motivation in all lessons taught in order to keep the fire within every child burning and attain the best results he/she ever desires. Not just yet, gifts are always on standby for every child who performs well as a token of recognition to his/her achievement.

Private Tuition Experience

We research the latest developments in learning theory and we have realised the core principle of education lies within that EVERY child is unique. Our teachers teach according to the students' pace no matter whether he/she is a fast or slow learner. Our final objective is to see self-directed study habits being developed and mastery of the subject by the student.

Tutor's Inspiration

We have very high expectations from all of our tutors and therefore, we have also developed a very strict tutor selection process. All tutors are screened for their mastery of teaching subjects, teaching skills, classroom management and other non-reportable traits such as tenacity, and the belief in every student's potential. Only then can your child be successful.

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