advice for nasal allergies?


I suggest you remove environmental factors such as dust, etc, before considering supplements.

My son had sensitive nasal passages. One of the reason for triggers is also air conditioning, dust and dust mites. When we remove the air conditioning, frequently clean and wipe his room and vacuuming his mattress, his nose became much better.


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what type of allergy is it?

more common ones are allergy to dust, pollen, dust mites and fur. it would be good to find out what are the specific allergens causing the symptoms

you may want to regularly change bedsheets and curtains to prevent dust from accumulating :)


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i am changing and washing the bedsheets/mattress cover weekly and soaking them in hot water. as for pets, they are definately a no-no in the house (me myself also cannot stand the fur from dogs and cats)

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I've bad sinus problems since young, would have runny nose every day until about noon.
If sleep in air-con room, would have blocked nose in middle of night.

Finding the cause is important.
- air con: air becomes drier, can irritate some noses. Either no air-con or try using humidifier.

- soft toys, dust and perfume: no-no for me, so hubby cannot use perfume too

- food allergy: when I happened to turn vegetarian 3 years ago, sinus problem stopped. Suspected cause is chicken.


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hi all!

any advice for kids with nasal allergies? any recommended supplements/diets?
I used to have sinus too. any change in temperature and dusty environment will trigger it. had worked on my diet and keeping the place clean..i consulted ENT specialist who prescribed me nasal spray but none work for long.

My friend recommended me g3 superfruit juice and LifePAk. after 3 months, the sinus disappeared.