Ah Tan Wings @ Yishun Park Hawker Centre & Timbre+

Damned if Singapore ain't becoming Fried Chicken Inc already, seeing as how palates have been "expropriated" over time by the proliferating likes of KFC, Popeyes, Jollibee, Arnold's, 4Fingers, Wingstop, yada yada yada. Still, them folks behind Ah Tan Wings - siblings Tan Wee Yang and Tan Yu Yan, being either foolhardy or perspicacious remain sanguine about prospects, thus choosing to throw their hats in the ring.

For one, the Tans' balls-to-the-walls business pitch revolving around the emphatic har cheong gai ie shrimp paste chicken dish plentily swayed judges of Tiger Beer's inaugural Street Food Support Fund to land a $10k grant four years ago, following which their very first rodeo via the Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market garnered substantial interest - so much so they persevered with several guerilla plugs before eventually moving into Yishun Park Hawker Centre.

Today, apart from its original existing YPHC stall, Ah Tan Wings also runs another at Timbre+ (a third at Maxwell Food Centre closed down in late 2019). Ordering customers are accorded some rudimentary grub slate comprising just three options: set A (2 chicken wings + rice + egg), set B (chicken cutlet + rice + egg) and set C (1 chicken wing + rice).

More at https://www.thefooddossier.com/2021/03/ah-tan-wings.html